tyler the creator justin bieber ferrari gi Tyler, the Creator: Justin Bieber wasn't recklessly driving Ferrari, I was

It turns out Justin Bieber may not have been behind the wheel of that Ferrari that was driving recklessly after all. It all started on Memorial Day when neighbors called the police on Beiber, including NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, to report the pop singer was driving way too fast through his gated community.
Cops reportedly responded to the call, but Bieber wouldn’t speak with them. However, his security team told police that it was actually Tyler, the Creator, the front man for Odd Future, behind the wheel.
Tyler is backing that story up himself. In a tweet on June 1, the rapper writes, “That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle. Don’t Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That It Was Who It Wasnt.”
Bieber later responded, tweeting, “all good buddy. i deal with this everyday. thanks though. the baby aint mine either.”
It may not be all good for Tyler though, if the investigation leads to a reckless driving charge. In the meantime he continues to tweet mostly gibberish, a lot of which is pretty vulgar.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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