tyra banks co hosts the view abc Tyra Banks co hosts 'The View': Talks 'Top Model' finale and proves models are hungry

“The View” women made some room on the couch for “America’s Next Top Model” host Tyra Banks. It’s no coincidence that the Cycle 16 finale airs Wednesday (May 18) on The CW, as well. Tyra’s no dummy. She’s a Harvard girl!
First things first, she talked about the big fall on the finale runway by finalist Brittani. “She busts her a**,” exclaims Tyra. “I was like, ‘What was going on?’ You can’t hear over the music and she yelled so loud.”
Gah, Brittani is such an amateur! “If you’re a professional,” Tyra says later, “Sometimes you don’t even feel it.”
Then, co-host Sherri Shepherd asked why models look so mad on the runway. “Are they angry,” she jokingly asks.
“I think a lot of models are hungry,” Tyra answers. 
The former supermodel retired from the biz in 2005 and she proves that she no longer has any problem with food. Boy, does she prove it.
During a gluten-free cooking segment with celeb chefs, Tyra dug right in. And dug. And dug. And then went back for seconds. She must be making up for all that hunger while she was modeling…
How’d you think Tyra did as a co-host?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog