Welcome to a Revolution — powered by TYPEF.COM

Is this what Tyra Banks has been working on at Harvard Business School? The “Bankable” one continues her mission to spread fierceness across the land with the launch of her new beauty blog Tuesday (March 15) called TypeF.com.
“In the modeling business, I definitely was a type,” Tyra writes in her first blog to readers. “But now, I strive to break my stereotype, everyday. I hope I can empower women to break theirs. When anyone tells you what ‘type’ of person they think you are, it is personal. Let’s decide our own type no matter how fierce, fabulous, fun or feisty it may be.”
After last episode’s hit and miss model makeovers on “America’s Next Top Model,” you may be wondering if you should listen to Tyra at all when it comes to looking fierce. But, she says she isn’t the only contributor to her new blog. And breathe.
In her welcome video above, she says her new blog is going to help you achieve that “bam, bam, bam” feeling every day. It’s a tall order, but Tyra doesn’t aim low, people.
On first glance, the inaugural blogs include makeup ideas for round faces and dressing tips for curvy women, which is a good start at speaking to real women.
Will you be checking out TypeF.com? If you do, tell us if it makes you feel bam, bam, bam — slamming.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog