Exclusive_Kevin_16143242_600 In a New York courtroom today, Tyra Banks took the stand against her alleged stalker, Brady Green.

"I fear for my safety," she said.

Banks said that when Green showed up at the Manhattan studio where she shoots "The Tyra Banks Show," she was worried, not only about herself, but also about "the safety of her staff, her family and anyone else who is with her."

So what's her beef with Green?

According to TMZ, the Dublin, Ga., native sent love letters and flowers to Tyra. That part's all well and good, but TMZ says he also allegedly threatened to kill a Banks employee for not giving him tickets to "The Tyra Banks Show."

Banks told the court her fear of Green has had a huge impact on her day-to-day life: "I can't jog outside anymore. I would go with a trainer or alone but with security present.  The show made significant changes. They hired security. Plain clothes too. Budget is everything but they understood that was necessary. The extra [expenditures] were made."

But Green's lawyer, Sydney O'Hagen, thinks this is all just getting blown out of proportion. He's just an "overzealous fan" who "answered Banks' Web site invitation for fans to reach out to her," she reportedly argued.

Green has been charged with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass and, if convicted, could spend 90 days in jail.

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— Stephanie Lysaght

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