Pagekennedy_weeds_s3 Well we have a lot of catching up to do. The new season is here and familiar faces abound.

There were a slew of familiar faces on My Name is Earl. Will recognized Page Kennedy was Jamal the inmate in love with a rival gang member. He played the departed but not so dear U-Turn on Weeds and was the original Caleb Applewhite on the second season of Desperate Housewives. Larry Joe Campbell was the prison guard. He was Andy on According to Jim. Craig T. Nelson, Coach on Coach and Chief Jack Mannion on The District, is the warden of the prison and Dee Wallace, best known as the mom on "E.T." and Colleen on Sons& Daughters, is the mayor and the warden’s wife.

Stewart recognized Max Greenfield was the man who murdered the bride on her wedding night on Life. Greenfield, of course, was Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars and Nick Pepper on Ugly Betty. Christina Hendricks is the woman marrying Charlie’s father on Life. We’ve been watching her all summer on Mad Men. She was also Nicolette Raye on Kevin Hill and Saffron on Firefly.

Stephen Tobolowsky is playing Bob the man from the Company on Heroes. Tobolowsky has guest starred on many a show but he’s probably most recently he was Hugo on Deadwood and Mark Lewinsky on John from Cincinnati.

Rishi recognized Kevin Rankin as Nathan on Bionic Woman. Rankin is Herc on Friday Night Lights, Doc on My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star, and Arthur on State of Mind.

Busy Phillips was Rachel one of the woman Ted was flirting with on How I Met Your Mother (this is a family friendly column so I’m just going to go ahead and refer to it as flirting). Phillips is Hope Bobeck on ER, Audrey on Dawson’s Creek and Kim Kelly on Freaks and Geeks. Danica McKeller, Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, reprised her role of Trudy.

Ryan recognized Dorian Harewood was the man who had switched his baby on Private Practice. He was Captain Ronald Hicks on Boomtown and Rev. Morgan Hamilton on 7th Heaven. Barbara Eve Harris played his wife. She was FBI Agent Lang on last season Prison Break.

Brennan Elliot was the father with a meth lab in his home on Grey’s Anatomy. He was Ben on The 4400 and T.K. on What About Brian. Nicholas Gonzalez was the meth addict who died. He was D.J. on The O.C. and Alex on Resurrection Blvd. The legendary Ben Vereen was the man who didn’t know his neighbors had a meth lab in their home.

Tom McGowan was the conservative talk show host on Brothers & Sisters. He was Kenny on Frasier, Bernie on Everybody Loves Raymond, and Joe on The War at Home. Emily Rose is Rebecca’s friend who Tommy just hired. She was Cass on John from Cincinnati.

Michael Cassidy is Daily Planet editor Grant on Smallville. Cassidy was Cliff on Hidden Palms and Zach on The O.C.

Brooke Smith is the mother of Brian Darling’s son on Dirty Sexy Money. She played Dr. Erica Hahn on Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. Kate Switzer on Crossing Jordan. Many of this week’s bonus points go to Janine who remembered that Smith and Glenn Fitzgerald, who plays Brian Darling, starred in the movie "Series 7: The Contenders" together.

And the rest of this week’s bonus points go to Cheryl who remembered that Tami Roman, who plays Beth’s editor on Moonlight, began her career when she played herself on Real World Los Angeles.

Have you seen a familiar face? Write me at and let me know. I’ll post familiar faces every Wednesday.

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo