anderson silva leg break ap UFC 168 Anderson Silva breaks his leg: Celebs react on Twitter

The UFC fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman took an unexpected turn on Dec. 28 when Silva broke his leg while trying to kick his opponent — the only person he’d previously ever lost a fight to.

The break was gruesome and horrifying and led to some calling the incident the worst in UFC’s history. It is even speculated that the injury could end Silva’s career.

“There’s no real excitement in a fight finishing like that because you never want to see anyone get hurt like that,” Weidman says after the match.

Many took to Twitter to express their shock over the incident, including many celebrities. If you ever wondered which of your favorite celebs watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships, here is your answer. 

Below is a collection of celebrity reactions to Silva’s leg breaking.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz