This week is emotionally exhausting, isn’t it?

We have our highs (yay "Chuck" is coming back! ABC gives "Better Off Ted" a second season!) and our lows (life does not go on for "Life"). Sometimes the highs and lows came at a rapid fire pace (NBC cancels "Medium," but CBS picks it up!) Below are the four cancellations I’m most upset about. Let me tell you about them while I comfort myself with some dark chocolate and cranberry lime seltzer:

"Samantha Who:" Oh you know how I feel. ABC treated this show with no respect. It bounced around the schedule, was off the air for months at a time, and its return was constantly delayed. It is not surprising at all that when the show finally did return to the schedule this spring it didn’t fare well. It is simply sad, sad, sad that we will be denied another season of this witty comedy.

"Without a Trace:" There should be some sort of rule that if you are on TV for SEVEN seasons you can’t be unceremoniously dumped by your network. Especially if you have been a hit for the network and a key part of their ratings success. I get that "Without a Trace" has been on for a long time. And I’m even okay with it ending its run. But I’m not okay with the show not having a chance to have a proper series finale with all the build up and hype. It deserves a chance to say goodbye on its own terms.

"My Name is Earl:" See above. "My Name is Earl" ended is season with the phrase "To Be Continued . . ." And now, unless another network picks the show up, we’ll never know who is the father of Joy’s youngest son. Sure it’s not the cliffhanger I’m most curious about but for NBC to treat the show this way is just disrespectful. Plus, I’m really going to miss Randy. TV can be a cruel business and moments like this prove it.

"Privileged:" I knew it was a long shot. I wasn’t even in my typical place of denial on this one. But it still smarts that the CW abandoned the best show it had on its schedule. I’ll miss Megan, the twins, Laurel, and Will. There really should be room on the TV schedule for shows like this.

What cancellations are you most upset about? Talk about it below. Go find yourself some dark chocolate or whatever your comfort food may be and we can have one big cathartic group moment. For the complete list of cancelled shows, click here.

Thursday Night TV

The regular TV season officially ends today but both "Ugly Betty" and "Southland" end their respective seasons tomorrow night. Christopher Gorham is back as Henry on "Ugly Betty" (Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC) and I’m really happy for him to return. But even though I’m kind of rooting for him, I don’t want Betty to get back together with him. He didn’t exactly treat her well. I would just like some closure to that relationship. I don’t necessarily like Matt with Betty either. The show has failed to come up with a really great romantic interest for her. I’m also happy to hear that so many of you are ready for Betty to evolve a little bit. Like you, I find it hard to believe that she would work at Mode for this long and still not have any fashion, hair or make up sense. She’s too smart a character for that.

Now I am still really enjoying "Southland" (which like "Ugly Betty" will move to Fridays in the fall). In tomorrow night’s season finale (Thursday at 10 p.m. on NBC), Lydia (Regina King) takes in Janilla (Carla Jeffrey) while Dewey (C. Thomas Howell) causes all sorts of problems for his partner and the department. The show had Dewey shot in the season premiere and retired him in the second episode of the season, yet he keeps coming back. And that’s okay by me. I’ve been a fan of C. Thomas Howell’s for a very long time (cut to pictures of him on my wall when I was in grade school). I’m still really enjoying the way the show weaves characters and storylines in and out of every episode and how everything doesn’t wrap up in a nice little package by the end of the hour. How about you?

Questions of the Day

Alright, I want to hear it — what did you think of "Glee." Bring it on. I can take it.

Also I’m predicting a David Cook like upset tonight. My thinking is that Kris Allen will be declared your next American Idol. What do you think?

A Fun Link

Kristin Bell will be on the season finale of "Party Down" this Friday at 10:30 p.m. on Starz. She’ll play rival caterer Uda Bengt. You can get a sneak peak here

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Angela and Michelle recognized William Mapother as the FBI agent on the series finale of "Prison Break." He’s Ethan on "Lost."

Diane and Stewart were the first to recognize Renee Taylor, Sylvia Fine on "The Nanny," as Ted’s busybody neighbor on "How I Met Your Mother."

Dennis and Joshua recognized Ashley Johnson was Wendy, the woman who Alpha imprinted with Caroline’s personality on "Dollhouse." Johnson was Chrissy on "Growing Pains" and Sharlee on "Dirt."

Dennis also caught Stephen Tobolowsky as the dismissed teacher Sandy on the series premiere of "Glee." Tobolowsky is Bob Bishop on "Heroes" and Hugo on "Deadwood."

Mary Page Keller was the woman stalking Kim in the airport on "24." She was Andrea Hall on "Nip/Tuck" and we just saw her as Will’s mom on "Privileged." Don McManus was the man whose laptop was watching Kim. He’s definitely one of those actors who has been on everything. Most recently we saw him as Don Harding on "Supernatural" and assistant district attorney John Lennox on "Boston Legal." He also played Jen’s dad on an episode of "Dawson’s Creek."

Cindi caught Ally Walker as the wife of the undercover cop who was murdered on "CSI." Walker is also currently playing the department psychiatrist on "Southland." She was Katie on "Tell Me You Love Me" and, of course, Dr. Samantha Waters on "Profiler."

Kathie caught Jennifer Ferrin as the woman playing the twins on "Fringe." Ferrin was Sam’s mother Rose on "Life on Mars."

Kathie also recognized F.J. Rio as the doomed FBI agent following Kim on "24." Rio was Cruz Pezuela on "The Shield"

Will Patton was Alan Wilson the man behind seemingly every bad thing that even happened on "24." He was Jackson Haisley on "The Agency" but to me he’ll always be Scott Pritchard from the movie "No Way Out."

"Grey’s Anatomy" tried to get on our good side by getting actors from our favorite shows to guest star on its finale. We were all so excited to see Zach Gilford, Matt Saracen on "Friday Night Lights," as the soldier who wanted his leg cut off. Tracey was excited to see Liza Weil, Paris on "Gilmore Girls," as Allison the cancer patient Izzie befriended. We just saw Weil on the season premiere of "In Plain Sight" as the daughter of the witness who was found dead. Debra Mooney, Edna on "Everwood," was Owen’s mom. I can only hope her brief appearance means we will be seeing more of her next season. We recently saw Mooney on an episode of "ER." Remember she was the woman who kept divorcing and marrying her husband (played by Gary Marshall).

Shannon Lucio, Lindsay on "The O.C." and Trishanne on "Prison Break," was the woman whose life George saved on "Grey's Anatomy." He pushed her out of the way of an oncoming bus.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Friday with quotes of the week and a final season finale wrap up (where will ponder questions like who had the most bizarre finale? the most lame?). Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at Talk to you on Friday.

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo