Betty-Marc-Ugly-Betty-ABC-Recap-320.jpgIn this week’s “Ugly Betty,” New York City experiences a citywide blackout and the characters face their darkest fears.

Blackout Betty
Betty has begun to feel Matt’s absence and fears that if something were to happen to her alone in her apartment, no one would know. She decides to throw a karaoke party, so she can meet her neighbors. While she’s hanging fliers, she lets a couple, who claim they’ve been locked out, into the building. When Betty returns home later, she finds out their building has been robbed. The security camera footage shows Betty letting the burglars in. Later, she tries to make up for it by convincing the landlord to install an electronic lock on the doors. That doesn’t work as well as she hoped it would.

In the burglary, Amanda’s bag was stolen and it had Marc’s laptop in it. He freaks out. Later, he tells Betty that he was working on submission material for the open Senior Fashion Editor position at Mode. Feeling awful, Betty offers to help Marc recreate his submission material for the job. After she promises to take the night to help him, her neighbors actually show up for her party. While Betty runs around tending to the party, Marc gets inspired and finishes his submission.

Happy that Marc was taken care of, Betty goes back to the party and takes the first crack at the karaoke, then there’s a citywide blackout… It keeps the new electronic lock from opening. As a result, Marc can’t get out to deliver his submission to Mode. Then, Ignacio gets a hold of Betty to see if she’s OK. She tells him she’s fine, but she needs someone who can pick a lock. Who would know how to pick a lock? Yep, Bobby.

When Betty and Marc arrive at Meade, they realize the blackout has probably locked down Meade, as well. Marc blows up at Betty, telling her that he was inspired by her to go for the position. But now, he is over her optimism. Just as he’s making fun of her, and mocking her by clapping for fairies (I know, random), the lights turn back on! Once inside, though, Marc finds a note on his desk requesting that he pick up champagne and flowers for the new creative hire. It seems they’ve already filled the job he wanted.

Ignacio vs. Bobby
Ignacio still hasn’t accepted Bobby in Hilda’s life. That evening, he’s watching a scary movie and then the citywide blackout… That freaks Ignacio out. When he hears someone coming through the door, he attacks the person with a pie tin. It turns out to be Bobby.

While Bobby nurses the bloody nose Ignacio gave him, they start talking. After Ignacio calls Bobby a thug, Bobby lets him have it. He tells Ignacio that his real problem is that he’s afraid that Hilda and Justin won’t need him anymore.

After Bobby helped Betty get out of the building, he apologizes to Ignacio. In response, Ignacio tells Bobby that he does feel a little jealous of him. By the time Hilda and Justin get back, Ignacio and Bobby have become buddies.

The next day, Betty, Ignacio and Bobby attend Hilda’s ultrasound. And, now this part sucks: The doctor can’t find the baby’s heartbeat. Hilda has lost her baby. I didn’t see that coming, did you? So sad. Later, Bobby tells her that despite the fact their baby has been lost, he’s still not going anywhere. The bright side is that Justin, who has been talking about trying out for an acting class with some big actress, gets accepted into the class.

Daniel vs. Wilhelmina
Daniel and Willie continue to fight over Marc. Amanda decides to help fix the situation. Her solution? Couples counseling for Daniel and Willie. The session doesn’t go well and Willie leaves. Alone with Daniel, the therapist tells him that Willie’s body language definitely signifies a sexual attraction to Daniel. In the elevator afterward, Daniel reads sex into Willie’s every movement. Then they get hit by the citywide blackout…. It traps them in the elevator together. Daniel takes the opportunity to “diffuse the sexual tension” by kissing her. After he explains the doctor’s theory to a stunned Willie, she socks him.

Later, they begin to hash out their conflict over Marc and Willie confesses that Marc is the most important man in her life. Daniels suggests they find some way to settle their differences that works for all of them, including Marc.

The next day, Marc shows up at Willie’s office with the champagne and flowers that he was asked to get for the new hire. She then tells him that they’re actually for him. Marc has been promoted to Junior Fashion Editor! About time, right?

Other thoughts and tidbits:

  • This was another really well written episode. Every point in the story,
    while it seemed insignificant to begin with, came back to mean something
  • Now both Marc and Betty have been promoted. Isn’t it time Amanda gets a promotion, too?
  • “He runs funny [laughing like a little kid]. – Daniel (as Marc runs from his office)
  • “Oh my god, Betty’s voice brought darkness to the land.” – Amanda (when the blackout occurs in the middle of Betty’s karaoke performance)
  • “What would Betty do if she was in my position? Oh, she would be, like, reach for the stars, and unicorns and sunflowers.” – Marc (on Betty’s optimism)
  • “I know Marc may not walk like a man, talk like a man and his facial features seem vaguely lesbian.” – Wilhelmina (after saying Marc is the most important man in her life)
  • Loved how Daniel kept checking out Willie’s backside only for her to return the favor at the end.

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