ugly-betty-abc-fire-and-nice-thumb copy.jpgIn this week’s “Ugly Betty,” the Suarez family gets tighter as they deal with the aftermath of the fire and The Meades’ closeness is threatened when family secrets are exposed.

Too close for comfort
After the Suarez house burned down, the family is staying at Betty’s tiny Manhattan place. Betty is doing her best to keep them happy. As soon as she’s out the door, it’s clear that she isn’t.

As Betty is leaving her place, she runs into Daniel in the hallway (dressed only in boxers). He and Amanda are apparently still hooking up.

Later, at Mode, Tyler passes by and Daniel isn’t pleased to see him again. He asks Amanda if she’ll find out why he’s still around.

What happened to Wanda
Wilhelmina runs into an old flame, Don, and she’s clearly got some leftover smitten for the guy. He points out that she’s really different now, but Willie wants him to think she’s the same old “Wanda from the block.” Marc tells her that if she wants to win him over, maybe she should try actually being Wanda.

It’s hot in here
Justin ends up at Mode to see Marc and he admits that he started the house fire while he was smoking. Justin!

Meanwhile, Ignacio admits to Amanda that he believes he started the fire. Instead of hiring an electrician to install his new fancy chandelier, he did the wiring himself and he thinks it may have caused the blaze.

Then, of course, Hilda suspects Bobby did it, because she had mentioned to him that she would love for the business to burn down, so she can collect the insurance. Then, it did.

Bobby can tell Hilda still believes that his family has mafia connections. He tells her that she needs to keep an open mind and thinks it would be a good time for her to meet his parents. She agrees.

ugly betty abc fire and nice 2 'Ugly Betty': All in the familyAt the dinner, Bobby’s dad takes a call and the room overhears him telling someone he’s going to kill them. Of course, Hilda’s mind goes straight back to mafia connections. Bobby tells her to stay open-minded. His parents, he tells Hilda, have heard she has a slutty reputation and they’re staying open-minded. Hilda doesn’t take that well at all.

I’m not Gaga for you
Betty has a huge presentation for pop star Lady Gaga’s people, but things start going wrong very quickly. First, her father packed her dessert and it found its way to her laptop. Then, when she plays her Lady Gaga file, it ends up being Justin’s remake of Gaga’s video. Embarrassed, Willie takes the Lady Gaga account from Betty, which also means that Justin won’t be able to meet his favorite pop star. That’s when Betty realizes it’s time her family has to go.

She goes over to the firehouse and finds out her family is last on the list to have an inspection performed, so they can get their insurance check. Jimmy (played by “Mad Men’s” Rich Sommer), a fireman that can help Betty get her report moved up the list, apparently has a thing for her.

After Hilda finds out that all Betty needs to do to get their inspection moved up is go on a date with Jimmy, she tries to convince her to do it. An unfortunate sighting of Ignacio in the shower apparently helps Betty make up her mind.

On the date, Betty and Jimmy run into Willie and Don at a packed restaurant. Willie being Wanda introduces Betty as her friend. When Don invites the couple to sit with him and Willie, Wanda can’t say no. During dinner, Betty continues the act. When Don asks if Willie is still the same nice gal, Betty tries her best to keep up. She then realizes she can use this to her advantage and gets Willie to call Justin and tell him that he’ll be able to meet Lady Gaga, after all.

Afterward, Willie pulls Betty aside and asks her to leave her and Don alone. When Betty tries to leave, Jimmy invites Willie and Don along. Don, who thinks that they should save Betty from Jimmy, agrees. That becomes too much for Willie to handle and she comes clean on being a…well, not nice. In the end, she realizes that it was really just good sex she remembers with Don and they decide to go do that.

After Jimmy walks Betty home, she decides to confront him about their date and why she was actually on it. Jimmy gets offended when she accuses him of using his ability to move the inspection for her as a way to get her on a date. He leaves in a huff.

He’s not a freeloader, he’s my son
Claire has been really treating Tyler to a first class time while he has been in New York and he’s starting to feel like a freeloader. Claire assures him that’s not true. Just as they separate, Amanda runs up. She has seen the whole thing go down and realizes that the hot model, Tyler, is the son Claire went to go find in South Dakota. Apparently, Tyler won’t stay in New York unless he can find a job. In order to keep him around, Amanda suggests that Claire make him a Mode house model.

When Daniel finds out that Tyler has been hired, he wonders why his mother would do that when he usually hires the models. Marc then shows him a Suzuki St. Pierre report about Claire canoodling with some young man: Tyler. Daniel flips and when he finds Tyler in the lobby and attacks him. Claire comes out and breaks up the fight, then Tyler threatens to tell Daniel the truth if she doesn’t. So, Claire tells Daniel that he is his brother.

Daniel doesn’t take it well, especially when he finds out that the brother was conceived with Cal Hartley. It becomes abundantly clear that he has been hating his father all these years for cheating on his mother and, now, he realizes she is not as innocent as he believed.

Afterward, Daniel calls Amanda to see if he can come over, but she says she can’t. After they hang up, we see that Tyler is with her.

Bobby turns up the heat
The dinner party isn’t going well at all. It comes to a head when Bobby’s mom corrects Hilda on the name of the pasta she served and she blows up. She accuses Bobby and his family of burning down her salon. Then, Ignacio comes clean about the electrical wiring. Then, Justin decides to come clean for smoking. Just then, Jimmy the fireman, comes back and apologizes for being a jerk. He tells them that the fire was started by a curling iron. Justin remembers that Betty had curled her hair that day and they all realize Betty started the fire.

With the air cleared, Hilda makes up with Bobby’s parents. Then, while in the stairwell, Bobby gets down one knee and proposes to Hilda. Yay!

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