America Ferrera and I talked so long on Friday (Mar. 19) that I had to split our exclusive Dish Rag video chat into three parts.

One video is already up on “Ugly Betty: The Movie”, this one’s about her fave episodes and a final season shocker. Keep an eye out this week for a third chat about her role as a young Viking girl in “How to Train your Dragon.”

FYI: “Dragon” is an adorable Dreamworks animated movie also starring Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson and Jay Baruchel.

But here’s what America had to say about a big bombshell in the final “Betty” season.

On blasts from the past: In the episode titled “London Calling,” airing in two weeks, Ashley Jenson who plays Christina and Freddie Rodriquez who plays Gio, come back into Betty’s life. “I really like the way that they use the characters and how their presence propels Betty forward. On removing Betty’s braces:  “It’s ilke it’s done and then it’s done and then you can’t remember what it was like before that. Betty’s whole message is that it’s is not about the braces, the hair, the clothing, that’s not who she is.” America’s Top Three Betty episodes: I loved the pilot, that has to be one of the best episodes we ever did. The Season 1 finale, that is one of my favorite episodes, the one where Hilda’s fiance Santos is shot: it was just so emotional but really funny and Henry was going way — so much was changing. And I also loved the episode where Betty pretends to be Mark’s girlfriend when Mark’s mom comes into town and his mom doesn’t know that he’s gay, he hasn’t come out to his mother … That’s not the Top Three, but it’s three of them.” More on ‘Ugly Betty: The Movie.’ “Hopefully, in couple of years that could be real. I think that would be wondeful and I think our audience would love it. But we’ll see. “ On her post Betty plans: “I don’t have a plan. I could never have foreseen the last four years, even a year before. I had a vision of what my career was going to be like and it didn’t involve a TV series.” Later, in a press conference with other reporters, America admitted that she has worked so much in the past four years, that the first thing she wants to do is sleep. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz
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