Ugly Betty really chapped my hide tonight when she went from her usual kind and accepting self to being selfish and judgmental.

Spoilers that will upset you like fermented yak butter.

As many of us expected, Ignacio got a new lease on life not just from his post-bypass regimen, but also because he's been getting something on the side with his nurse Elena. Betty stumbles upon this information — don't worry, they were just making out — when Papi's "physical therapy" was taking a bit too long and holding up dinner. Ruh roh.

Neither Betty nor Hilda are pleased and do their best to ream Elena a new one. Really? It's like they're criminals. It's only after a heart-to-heart with Claire Meade that Betty realizes she was just being protective of the memory of her dead mother. A begrudging peace is made, and there's one more place setting in the Casa de Suarez.

Meanwhile, both Wilhelmina and Daniel are struggling with their own dilemmas regarding their respective significant others. When Connor goes to London on business, she takes care of his gray parrot Olivia Newton Bird. When Wil admits to Marc that she loves Connor but refuses to say it first, she's mortified when ONB repeats "I love Connor." What Twilight Zone-y realm did I enter? Did this really happen on the show? Anyway, Marc eventually shows her the error of her defensive ways, and when Connor returns, they both admit to being in love. Aww.

Daniel is also fixated on Connor, but this time he feels that he can't live up to the adventures and memories Connor and Molly made. Even a visit to a Tibetan restaurant backfires because Molly and Connor used to be regulars there. Plus, the fermented yak butter tea disagreed with Daniel's delicate constitution. Molly reassures him in her bland but kind way, and all is well until next episode.

Finally, Claire has been shoplifting small things when she can very well afford. She's obviously acting out, and it's because she's kind of alone in the world. Bradford's dead, Alexis is in France, Daniel is occupied with Molly and all her so-called friends are bitter harpies. After a second shoplifting incident, she and Betty finally sit down to talk about loneliness when you get older.

Not only does this cause Betty to view her father's situation with new eyes, but she no doubt also talked to Daniel about it because he sets up a private dinner with just his mom for quality time instead of subjecting her to a 60th birthday surprise party that's filled with the aforementioned harpies.

Musings and Highlights:

 - Claire's story this time was the only one that really felt like the old, heartwarming Ugly Betty episodes were coming back. I could not care less about Daniel/Molly or Wil/Connor. Boring.
 - My only laugh of the night: "Happy birthday, Mrs. Meade … You killed my mother!" — Amanda
 - Is Connor all of a sudden playing a parody of himself? "Oy!" "My two best birds."
 - Gyro – Argh! I will always pronounce it "yeer-oh" or "zheer-oh" but never "jye-roh"
 - Molly, blood sausage and broiled yak tongue? That all you got? You need to date Andrew Zimmern or Tony Bourdain. Pfft.
 - Seriously, when is Betty getting back to YETI business?

Your thoughts?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen