ugly-betty-recap-hilda-bobby-wedding.jpgIn this episode of “Ugly Betty,” Bobby makes an honest woman out of Hilda, Justin comes out and Betty makes a life-altering decision.

Betty takes over for Amanda, who apparently quit her job already. Betty then asks Daniel if he’ll be her date for Hilda’s wedding. He agrees, but mentions that he’ll have to reschedule his date with some trick named Trista. Betty apparently doesn’t like her for him, because she makes him dumb.

Then, Amanda returns abruptly as she runs around the office pilfering stuff for her new career as a stylist. She then tells Marc that she already has her first client, a soap opera actor named Spencer Cannon (played by “Mad Men’s” Bryan Batt). Just then Troy comes in and Marc declares his love for him and his tight jeans that show off his package. Isn’t that always the way? Absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Justin comes by to talk to Marc and he tells him that Bobby caught him and Austin kissing. Marc, of course, needs to catch up with the fact that Justin has a boyfriend (squeal!), and then he tells him that he doesn’t have to say anything until he’s ready.

You would think that Justin would have learned after Bobby found him out, but no. He basically rushes out the door as Hilda is trying to find out what kind of tie he wants to wear at the wedding. So, she turns to Bobby and realizes he knows something. When he won’t tell, she begins to recount all the secrecy that surrounds Justin and Austin and she figures it out for herself and she couldn’t be happier. So, she decides to have a coming out party for Justin. But when Marc gets wind of it, he puts an end to the festivities.

Amanda and Spencer Cannon hit it off like two little girls at an American Doll
tea party. She tells him that she wants to hook him up with Marc. When
Marc finds out, he’s not exactly game. But, after he put a stop to
Justin’s coming out party (where they suggest that if a gay doesn’t get his family’s acceptance, then he’ll never have a healthy relationship), he decides that he should go on the date
with Spencer.

Henry is a no-go
ugly betty abc daniel 'Ugly Betty': Dancing with the SuarezesBack at Betty’s desk, Amanda drops some stuff off for Hilda as Betty plays her voice messages. Guess who? Henry! He’s agreeing to be her date for Hilda’s wedding, though she doesn’t even remember she drunk-dialed him while in London. Good thing Amanda has the alcohol tolerance of a sailor on leave and she reminds Betty that she did.

Betty breaks the news to Daniel that she can’t go with him, but he can attend the wedding with Trista. He seems a little annoyed at the change (oy, hints of “Detty” all over this episode, I suspect.) Then Betty runs into Mr. Dunne, the man who she interviewed with in London. He tells her that he’s starting a new magazine (In this economy? I digress), a young person’s New Yorker and he wants Betty to run it!

Later she tells Hilda and, instead of really caring about Betty’s new job offer (which pays less, go figure), she tells her she’ll stab her through the heart if she upstages her at her wedding. Then, Henry and his cute (but kind of old-looking kid) come in. He ends up telling her that he’s interviewing for a job in New York City, so it might be nice if she ended up not taking the job.

In the morning, Henry brings his son to a breakfast with Betty and it doesn’t go well. The kid is out of control, and at one point, Betty tells an angry costumer that the kid isn’t hers. Of course, she’s instantly sorry and excuses herself.

The next day, Henry goes to Betty and tells her that he won’t be getting that job after all. It turns out Daniel gave Henry a horrible recommendation. Apparently, he was trying to save her from making a mistake with Henry. Betty goes in to tell Daniel off and in the end she tells him that they should stay out of each other’s relationships.

Later, Henry tells Betty that Daniel must have called and changed his recommendation, because he got the job after all. But when he walks in, he catches Betty looking at London apartments and realizes that they are not right together. Betty needs to do her thing.

Tyler is a hot mess
Drunken Tyler is still working with Willie to get his shares of Meade. Of course, it’s all going to Willie’s plan when he says he doesn’t want shares, he just wants the money. So, Willie kindly offers to buy his shares from him. By the way, I’m not sure if this wins her any points, since she basically pushed him off the wagon in the first place, but she takes all the alcohol she knows of out of the apartment.

Tyler goes to see Claire and he gets really scary, really fast. He told her that he wants his shares or he’ll go to Hartley, knowing that’s the last thing she wants. When she tells Daniel what happened, he tells her that he gave Tyler a check after Willie told him it would be a good idea. Claire can’t believe that he did that and it seems that she’s now onto Willie. She then went and confronted Willie and suddenly they’re girl fighting in a shallow pool. Claire’s last line: “Stay away from my son!” That’s right, Claire, you tell her.

Wet Willie (giggle) returns home to find Tyler going through her things. She tells him that he should stop blaming himself and direct his anger at Claire. 

It’s Hilda’s wedding day!
ugly betty abc justin comes out 'Ugly Betty': Dancing with the SuarezesHilda is ready to get this b***h done! Her words, not mine. Daniel sees Betty outside and they make up. The wedding is gorgeous. Everyone is on pins and needles waiting for Justin to come out. When Hilda makes a speech about what love means, there are some crazy close-ups of Daniel staring at Betty.

Then, it’s time for the first dance and Hilda and Bobby hit the floor. Betty tells Justin that he has nothing to be afraid of and he tells her the advice Marc told him: you’ll just know when it’s time to take the next step. Daniel then takes Betty to the dance floor. A few moments later, Justin puts his hand out and Austin takes it. When they hit the dance floor, the whole family looks over and smiles.

Nearby, Marc tells Spencer that he has a bad habit of taking advantage of people who are attracted to him and that he wants to stop that pattern. Spencer understands and when he gets up to grab a tag Amanda left in his pants, Marc notices a Tweety Bird tattoo on his pelvis. Flashback to when Amanda was searching for her father – he had the same tattoo!

Meanwhile, Willie discovers her gun is missing. She goes to Claire to warn her that she’s in trouble, but Claire won’t listen. Then Tyler enters the room pointing the gun at Claire. She tells him that she’s sorry and wants to help him and he begins to crack a bit. Then, and this is nuts, Willie stands in front of Claire and tries to talk sense into him. It works, but as he’s putting down the gun and Willie is reaching for it, it goes off! Who was shot?

I’m impressed with how the writers have been able to wrap up long-lasting story lines in the few episodes they had left after learning the series was canceled. Sure, it feels a bit quick, but it doesn’t feel poorly done in my opinion.

How do you feel about the way “Ugly Betty” is finishing its run?

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