Ugly Betty feels new again after weeks of wretchedness. All it took was a new love interest and baby — not two-in-one, because that's gross, unless you're in the Twilight universe, and then yeah, it's still kind of gross.

Spoilers that look like Michelle Obama at the mall.

What I've been harping on for weeks has come to pass: Betty is finally focusing on her career, namely putting some time and effort into YETI. To get a broader experience, the wannabe editors must partner up and shadow each other, learning what it's like at other magazines. Betty's disappointed because she's paired up with Matt, who works at a sports mag. She had her heart set on something meatier — like the New York Review.

But hey, Betty, aren't you noticing your new love interest? He gets a thumbs up after that disaster that was Jesse. Matt is pleasant-looking in a non-threatening way, considerate, smart and most importantly, will call Betty out on her s***. That's what I liked about Gio, and Matt even has similar career ambitions to Betty. Go get him!

Betty gets to write a press release to feature Heinrich, an uber-artiste who's all about pain, barbed wire, broken glass, vicious angel wings — you know, fun and accessible stuff. When a joke press release she writes dramatizing all this angst is received well, Heinrich insists she produce his Fashion Week show because she "gets him."

Only after digging deep and learning an important lesson from Matt does she figure out how to put on the show (it includes the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain) and more importantly, finally learns respect for fashion because it's art. No duh, Betty. It took you three years to figure that out?

Meanwhile, Elena is done with her nursing duties with Ignacio (Tell me why Betty had to move home again?), so that means the sordid affair is over, right? Nope. Hilda just cannot see past the kissy faces and general feelings of ick and resentment, so Justin makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives up his Fashion Week ticket — forcing Hilda and Elena to spend time together. It works like a charm: they bond over their love of spandex and stirrup pants and set some reasonable ground rules.

Finally, the Mode co-editors are having problems again. Molly is getting written up as an eyesore at Fashion Week, and after getting her a stylist and hair/makeup artists, Daniel has to apologize and say that he likes her just as she is. An exchange of "I love you" on the phone is bittersweet though since Molly is hiding some grim medical secret from him. It doesn't look good.

Wilhelmina thinks that she's lost her edge now that she's in love, and when she's treated like some second-row nobody at Fashion Week, she's determined (after a pep talk from Connor) to make another big statement and claw her way back up. She proves she's the Queen of Exploitation when Christina, in labor, is trapped on the end of the Heinrich runway show.

Wilhelmina gets Heinrich's bizarrely attired models to provide a human screen, calls in Elena to help deliver the child and then uses the show's theatrics — a hydraulic riser and confetti — to help her re-create the Roots/Lion King scene where she holds the newborn aloft.

Assorted musings and highlights:

 - Wow. Such a good episode after all that crap. Betty is back on track, love is in the air, family relationships feel right and there's just enough over-the-top zaniness to make me smile.
 - Bernadette Peters just doesn't read a line badly.
 - Heinrich when Christina is in labor: "It's more pain that I could ever dream of. It's perfect."
 - I love Matt's moments of dorkiness, like when he calls Betty "pardner" and fires his imaginary finger gun.
 - Nice shout out to Step Up 2: The Streets. I still like You Got Served and Stomp the Yard better.
 - The old glittering, opinionated Justin I love is back!
 - I've never tried to dress up spandex.
 - Now that Betty figured out that fashion could be art, will she dress better or at least slightly differently?

Your thoughts? How do you like Matt?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen