Becki-Newton-Kristen-Johnston-ABC-Ugly-Betty-320.jpgOn this episode of “Ugly Betty,” the cast is forced to face the less attractive versions of themselves.

Betty wins a BLOBBY
Marc moves into the office with Betty! New promotion! Just as he’s moving in, Betty goes into hysterics. She just won a BLOBBY for best new blog. By the way, BLOB stands for Black and Latina Organization of Bloggers. She asks Daniel to present the award to her. Later, Daniel lands two popular Spanish movie stars and assigns Marc to the photo shoot, then decides to co-write the interview portion with Betty.

Someone from BLOB comes to interview Betty. She’s a “Betty Head,” (B.H.) AKA a fan of Betty’s blog. When the B.H. discovers that Daniel is presenting Betty’s award, she’s a bit turned off by his celebrity/Caucasion-ness. It also seems the B.H. wants Betty to dish, but Betty won’t give it to her. Daniel then takes the spotlight and starts telling stories about some of Betty’s early misadventures. It’s clear this will come back to bite Daniel in the backside. Betty was not happy that Daniel shared those stories with the B.H. Later, Hilda convinces Betty that he probably didn’t know what he was saying.

Later at the photo shoot with the Spanish stars, Daniel tries to take credit for Betty’s interview prep. In retaliation (and as repayment for what Daniel told BLOB), Betty decides to expose him for his lack of preparation. In the end, Daniel goes nuts. When she brings up what he said to BLOB, he doesn’t think they quite compare. Double standard, anyone? Betty then decides to vent on her blog. Oh, boy. The next day, her readers have put two and two together and figured out Betty was venting about Daniel. Five hundred hits later, Daniel’s Google news alerts fill him in on Betty’s transgression and he blows a gasket. After Betty tells Daniel she has written a retraction, he still doesn’t care. He then further belittles her BLOBBY. Wow, Daniel, harsh.

Chris-Williams-Ugly-betty-ABC-320.jpgWillie meets her drag doppelganger
Wilhelmina gets mistaken for her drag queen doppelganger on the street. Willie ain’t having it and decides to shut the show down. She decides to check out the show and runs into Marc. Oh, Willie’s queen is not cute. Vanessa William’s brother, Chris Williams, plays her. When the queen (who obviously believes that her impersonation should make Willie feel honored) meets Willie, she tells the drag queen she’ll sue if she does the act again.

The next day, the queen comes to beg Willie to let her go on with the act. After Daniel mistakes the drag queen for Willie, she decides she has another use for her. Willie starts having the queen do all her annoying charitable meetings. Later, she runs into Claire, who accidentally drops a flier for the queen’s final show and Willie sees it. When she goes to stop the show, Willie’s queen isn’t there. Willie then gets mistaken for her drag queen and gets roped into performing! Willie singing! YES! In the end, Willie has been bitten by the bug and decides to allow her queen to continue her show.

Amanda is moving on up
Amanda marched into Daniel’s office and asked for the assistant position again. He’s reticent, because they’re “fun buddies” again. She convinces him by arguing that rather than finding a new assistant he’ll end up sleeping with only to find out she’s crazy later, he can just hire her. He’s already casually sleeping with her and he knows she’s nuts. Um, good for her! Helen the over-the-hill temp (played by Kristen Johnson) comes back to replace Amanda at the reception desk. Willie doesn’t take to her and tells Amanda to fire her. She has a hard time doing it, though. When she finally gets up the nerve, Helen tells some really depressing stuff about herself and makes Amanda feel sorry for her. Amanda decides to give her a “promotion”: overseer of the wardrobe closet! Marc, though, tells her that she’s not doing Helen any favors and Amanda tells her the truth. In the end, she asks her to move in with her and Marc.

Burritos and BLOBs
Later, the B.H. from BLOBBY is not happy that Daniel isn’t presenting Betty’s award. They were already excited about the exposure, plus they’ve already planned to pelt him with burritos. She asks Betty to find a new celebrity presenter. When the B.H. sees Willie, she goes ahead and asks Willie if she’ll do it. Willie says yes. Of course, she sends her stand in drag queen.

When Amanda finds out that Daniel isn’t going to Betty’s ceremony, she tells him that he’s jealous of Betty’s success. He then realizes that he is. When he gets to Betty’s ceremony, Daniel admits to the audience (while dodging burritos) that Betty’s ambition intimidates him. Awww.

Other thoughts and tidbits:

  • The show is really on the upswing. Such a shame ABC pulled the plug.

  • “I’m sharing an office with a chunky, cheering ‘Charo.'” – Marc

  • “Hold Magazine, please Mode.” – Helen (well-played, Kristen Johnson!)

  • “Suzuki, TMZ and something called the New York Times have called for you.” – Amanda

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