Mark-Indelicato-Ugly-Betty-ABC-320.jpgThere has been lots of speculation after the cancellation of “Ugly Betty” as to where its talented actors will end up, but here’s the real question: Where do they want to end up?

Recently, Mark Indelicato, who plays Justin on the ABC show, tweeted that he’ll be interning at Teen Vogue, but we found out he has an even bigger plan in the works.

“Mark Indelicato is very excited about his internship at Teen Vogue,” Indelicato’s representatives told Zap2it exclusively. “He is so excited, in fact, that he
would love a camera to follow him around during his stay there as he
manages school, auditions, and pursuing a career in fashion.”

It turns out the 15-year-old actor, who plays Betty’s fashion-forward nephew, is ready to take the next step into the real world. Well, as real as reality TV can be.

Indelicato is scheduled to start at Teen Vogue this Spring/Summer. His reps tell us that the idea hasn’t been pitched to anyone yet, but the star really wants to make it happen.

It’s an instant hit in our opinion. Not only does it have an engaging premise (recently unemployed child actor goes after real dream in the harsh world of fashion), but the show comes with a built-in fan base.

Which network do you think should jump at the chance of airing Indelicato’s fashion reality show?

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Photo credit: Andrew Eccles / ABC

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