Americaferrara_uglybetty_240 Well, thanks to last season’s less than stellar Ugly Betty finale, I really didn’t much care what happened with Betty’s romantic dilemma. Apparently, neither did the writers.

Spoilers are my spirit animals.

In short order, we learn (via a confessional to her mom’s tombstone) that Betty refused both Henry’s wedding proposal and Gio’s Rome date because she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and had to find out who she was. So yes, like Kelly Taylor and Brad Womack, Betty chose herself.

With this free time, Betty travels the country alone to gain experience and come back refreshed with a binder chock full o’ ideas. Too bad the new Mode presided over by Wilhelmina is a chilly, monochrome wasteland where Amanda and Marc are so starved for warmth and fun they flock to Betty upon her return.

Although this wasn’t the best episode, it did bring it back to the heart of what the show is about: Betty doing well in the face of her social awkwardness, backstabbing cohorts and ridiculous circumstances. She sets out three goals for herself:

1) Gain more responsibility at work in view of getting a promotion
2) Get her own apartment in the city
3) No more romantic entanglements

Ericmabius_uglybetty_240_2 And for the most part, she does a good job … although in spectacular, chaotic Betty fashion. Daniel has been booted from Mode, so now he’s downstairs heading up Player magazine, which isn’t exactly Betty’s cup o’ tea. Nevertheless, she gets assigned to head up their Harley event, which she botches by filling in for an injured babe biker. Catastrophe ensues, and MarcManda are delighted to be on hand to soak up the schadenfreude.

On the lodgings front, Betty’s duped by a savvy realtor who can smell the eu de naivete and she buys an overpriced apartment sight unseen. Needless to say, it’s a dump with the purported "sexy view" revealing itself to be an elderly nudist couple who always seem to do everything in front of their open window. The Suarezes band together, however, and clean and decorate Betty’s pad.

Romantically … eh. Who knows? There’s Jesse, the cute, lanky musician next door, but he might be a red herring. My bet (which I know I’d lose) is on Kimmy Keegan, played by Lindsay Lohan. Think about it. Kimmy had it in for Betty when they were kids and is now jealous of Betty’s success. Kimmy’s also not very much into her boyfriend. Oh, and LiLo has been walking among her Sapphic sisters lately, so wouldn’t it be perfect if they incorporated it into the show? Methinks yes, but methinks it’s highly unlikely.

Lindsaylohan_240 Speaking of Kimmy, she turns out to be Ignacio’s manager — excuse me, on-site senior executive in charge of food operations — at Flushing Burger. Yup, Papi has joined the work force and is doing what he does best … cooking. Well, actually if he could cook and be a bartender at the same time so he could dispense advice and lend a sympathetic ear, that is what he’d do best. Anyway, once Kimmy learns that Betty is Ignacio’s daughter, the workplace becomes hell and his hours are cut. When Betty and Hilda confront Kimmy, it turns into an all-out food fight, which ends in the police arriving on the scene and Betty’s idea binder in the deep fryer.

An apology sets things to rights though, and Kimmy reveals that she’s jealous of Betty, which leads to our girl giving Kimmy a pep talk. Hmm, I wonder how this will play out? Okay, maybe not in the girl-love fantasy, but perhaps with LiLo doing a little modeling for Mode or Player?

Some other musings and highlights:

– What kind of money is Betty making, because that apartment is HUGE!
– How great is it to see Marc and Amanda back together? More, more, more!
– Some element of Betty’s outfit always works. I kind of dug the yellow bobby socks w/ the bright blue pumps. Dunno if I’d wear them though.
– Wilhelmina in her impending motherhood is unstoppable, but it’s not too surprising that she was able to get funding to Hot Flash cut. But really, did you have to pull in the big guns (Regis & Kelly) to do it?
– "It’s like a long-lost teddy bear!" — MarcManda about Betty.
– Uh, the jokes around Player, like Ginger saying, "I was once voted the lay of the land," are a bit obvious, n’est ce pas? How long can this plot line last on the show before Betty AND Daniel are safely back at Mode?
– Daniel’s son DJ is a snot.
– Wilhelmina’s favorite things: macaroons, Sade and Karl Rove. Woot!
– Rebecca Romijn-O’Connel is expecting twins this winter, but is it too early to see thickening around the waist, considering that this episode was taped earlier? Hmm.
Anaortiz_uglybetty_240Hilda needs to be lucky in love sometime. Married-ass Coach is not gonna do it.
– Betty considers eating ramen twice a week to economize. Uh, hello? Did she never live in a dorm? That was at least 5x a week for me. I still have dreams about flavor packets.
– Betty defending renting blind: "It was occupied." Hilda: "It was occupied … by a corpse?"
– Kimmy to Betty: "Well, I’m not a cheeseburger, so I know you’re not going to eat me."
– Kimmy: "I’m 98 percent certain I have Lyme disease. Don’t have sex in the woods on Fire Island."
– I’m so sick of the DJ storyline and Daniel’s broken French. Me tuer!
– If Justin can sew curtains + he has his own sense of style = A Justin line should be in the offing!!!

Your thoughts on the episode? Glad to see your girl back? What’s up with LiLo?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen