Ugly-Betty-ABC-Fire-320.jpgOn this episode of “Ugly Betty,” some characters fight for their dreams, while Hilda watches hers go up in flames.

Amanda’s eye, Helen’s sewing
Helen is still around and Marc isn’t happy with Amanda. Turns out Helen has a crush on Marc and doesn’t know he’s gay. Hah. When Amanda doesn’t have anything to wear out, Helen makes her a dress out of curtains. It turns out well and Amanda has the idea to partner with Helen to create a line. At the end of the show, Amanda loses her partner when Helen gets engaged to a gay.

Betty’s Fashion Weakness
Wilhelmina compliments Betty at the daily meeting, then assigns her the task of  reading a crazy long book on the history of the sewing machine. It’s Fashion Week! When Daniel finds out that Betty wasn’t assigned a show, he goes to bat for her. Later, Daniel and Willie call Betty to assign her a show, but they accidentally leave the phone on and Betty overhears Willie talking trash about Betty’s taste. Poor Betty! Daniel apologizes to Betty later and basically challenges her to prove Willie wrong. They assign her to a small show that barely makes it on the map.

While at her sad little show, Betty discovers Marisa, a great designer, and decides to help her get into the Mode new designers show. She enlists Marc’s help in convincing Willie. When Amanda hears that they’re pitching, she begs Betty to pitch her line, as well. Betty doesn’t have the heart to say no, although Marc is against it.

At the meeting with Willie, there were a few touch and go moments. In the end she agrees to let Betty’s designer in. Since Marc was the speaker in the presentation, Willie credits him with discovering the designer. Betty looks unhappy, but in Marc’s defense, he did try to tell Willie. Willie just didn’t listen. When Amanda checks in, Betty tells her they didn’t pitch her line. When she asks why, Betty tells her she’s not ready. Amanda doesn’t take it well and insults Betty’s taste. Harsh! Later, Marc tells Amanda that he didn’t think she was ready either and that she shouldn’t be so harsh on Betty.

Fashion on fire
Marisa is freaking out over the six looks she’s supposed to choose for the show and asks Betty if she can come by Ignacio’s place for help. Amanda comes over, too, to apologize to Betty for being so mean to her. Suddenly, a fire breaks out in the house and Bobby evacuates them. Marisa’s designs and Hilda’s salon are lost in the fire.

As they stare at the ruined dresses, Amanda says they can still be used. Betty decides they can pass the looks as distressed! When Willie sees the dresses at the show, she decides the dresses are indeed better with the damage.

After the show, Willie tells Betty she knew she, not Marc, had discovered the designer. She encourages her to have the confidence and conviction to present her ideas herself.

A model child
Ugly-Betty-Claire-Tyler-320.jpgMeanwhile, Willie and Daniel are having a disagreement over whether to allow male models in the Mode show. Daniel was firmly against it, but then he overhears Willie on the phone with a designer that wants Daniel to walk in his show. His ego gets the better of him and it seems he has opened up to the idea of male models in the show. Well-played, Willie.

Out of nowhere, Claire Meade’s son, Tyler (played by Neal Bledsoe), has arrived at Mode! Willie sees him wandering around the office and enlists him as a model. Daniel becomes jealous and works hard to lose weight and improve his walk after everyone pays so much attention to Tyler.

Later, Daniel decides all the work isn’t worth it and drops out. When Claire shows up, she and Tyler see each other. After the show, Tyler approaches her and they have a teary reunion. She asks him to be patient while she figures out how to tell her family and he agrees. First challenge: Daniel.

Fire starter
Ignacio has decided to hang a chandelier in the kitchen and he struggles with the light dimmer that controls it. It’s also a particularly bad day for Hilda at the salon and she tells Bobby in frustration that sometimes she wants the salon to just burn down, so she can collect the insurance on it. After the fire, it seems Hilda suspects Bobby was behind it. We then see Justin throwing away cigarettes and a lighter…

Thoughts and tidbits:

  • Dumb question: While they help with the show’s ending, how are the distressed dresses still representative of the designer? I said it was dumb!

  • “It’s Fashion Week and you’re anxious. I get it. Like a lesbian at a makeup counter.” – Amanda

  • “The key to sounding like you have good taste is hating everything. Just call it garish or ghoulish.”- Justin, on how Betty could fake fashion know-how

  • “The shoes, I don’t hate them. Next time, though, don’t pair them with that cheap hooker bag.” – Willie tells Betty she doesn’t always have it wrong

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