America-Ferrera-Eric-Mabius-Ugly-Betty-ABC-320.jpgAmerica Ferrera took time out from promoting her film, “The Dry Land,” at Sundance to give some interesting (potentially devastating) hints as to the future of her character on “Ugly Betty.”

“As we kind of near the end of the fourth season,” Ferrera tells ABC News. “A lot of things that have been anticipated in Betty’s storyline are going to come to fruition.”

Ferrera talks about the physical changes, but we already know that, braces, yada, yada. Here’s the juicy part:

“New relationships,” she adds. “Or old relationships that become new and kind of change a little bit.”

When asked if previous love interests are going to come back, Ferrera answered: “I think it’s more that the characters that are there, their relationships are going to transform or grow.”

That definitely sounds like she’s talking about “Project Detty,” the much rumored scenario in which Betty and Daniel get romantically involved!

We thought there was hope for a nice romantic turn for Betty after Zap2it got confirmation that “Mad Men’s” Rich Sommer was to guest as a possible recurring love interest for her. That could be just another complicated romantic misdirect before the big “Detty” reveal.

Here’s what bothers us about the “Detty” hook-up. Daniel and Betty have become such good friends, almost like siblings. So, the idea of them getting together? It makes our skin crawl a bit.

Second, the original “Betty la Fea” series from Columbia ended with Betty hooking up with their “Daniel” character (and the fans went hysterical with anger, may we add). Does that mean “Ugly Betty” is preparing for this season to be its last or just “jumping the shark”?

Say it isn’t so, America!

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