So, yeah, I'm glad "Betty" is back. I think you will be too. There's some good stuff coming as we power towards next month's season ender…

Baby William? Though tonight's paternity test supposedly states that he is, in fact, Wilhelmina's kid, that case so ain't closed. Be prepared to see big Willy returning to her signature scheming ways in the weeks ahead.

A Meade Wedding? Yep. Someone with that last name will tie the knot soon. Not Claire. No, Bradford won't rise from the beyond. And Alexis is still M.I.A. and will remain so. Uh, Daniel! It's Daniel! Do I have to spell everything out?

A Love Rectangle? As you may have already heard, Henry (Chris Gorham) is back in New York, and though he's got a new girl, his flame for BS hasn't been extinguished…


Posted by:Korbi Ghosh