kathy-najimy-getty-320.jpgIt’s bittersweet, “Ugly Betty” fans. We’ve been anticipating the removal of Betty’s braces for months and now we know who’s going to do the deed.

ABC confirms to Zap2it that “Sister Act” star Kathy Najimy has been cast as Betty’s long-awaited final orthodontist.

Najimy, who we last saw guest starring in “Desperate Housewives,” will complete this season’s makeover of Betty on the Wed. March 24 episode. She will also play double-duty as Betty’s ghost of brace’s past showing Betty what life would have been like had she never needed them in the first place.

At first it seemed “Modern Family‘s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson would pull off the historic deed. He then had to go all dirty doctor on Betty by hitting on her at their last appointment.

Betty’s braces have served as the iconic image of Betty since Season 1 when they began using the image of simply Betty’s smiling mouth with the shiny grill. This season, Matt’s Betty-inspired paintings heavily featured the shiny mouthpiece.

Hola, Kathy Najimy. Adios, Betty’s braces. It was good to know yah.

How do you feel about Betty’s braces finally coming off?

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