ugly-betty-aaron-tveit-abc-kiss-recap.jpgIn this week’s “Ugly Betty,” a health scare forces Willie to reconsider her goals, Amanda balances her relationships with Daniel and his long lost brother, and Betty and Justin realize a kiss may be deceiving.

Justin is in his acting class and we meet his eccentric teacher (played by Carol Kane). Just as the teacher is talking about acting as reinvention, i.e. casting Juliet as a Betty-doppelganger, Betty walks in to the class as they stare at her and giggle. Justin then introduces Betty to his friends, Austin (played by Ryan McGinnis) and Lily (who he has a crush on). Love the look Betty gave him when he said he was into Lily. Right? Wink. Wink. Then the teacher introduces Zachary (played by Aaron Tveit), a hunky young playwright who’s speaking to the class. Betty is actually a fan. Wink. Wink.

Later, Betty tells Hilda that his speech on reinvention seemed directed right at her. Hilda sees right through her admiration and asks if he’s cute. Hilda, by the way, is hilarious with her new diamond engagement ring and trying anything to show it off.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is working on a new cover shoot that entails reconstructing old New York and while Marc warns her that Daniel isn’t down with the costs, she doesn’t care. Then Betty walks in and catches Marc and Willie’s eye. She’s actually dressed nicely without patterns and polkadots. When Willie realizes she just gave Betty a compliment, it’s just too much for her system to handle. Next, she has fallen to the floor. Over the top and I love it.

The next day at Mode, Daniel has been avoiding his mother’s calls. After she dropped the bomb that Tyler was her son, she took him to Paris to meet Alexis, his tranny sister, of course. Amanda, who’s obviously sweet on Tyler, defends him. When Daniel asks if she’s friends with him, she denies it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day (but they didn’t have Wilhelmina)
It turns out Willie had an ulcer and will be in the hospital for a while. When Daniel decides to take over the meeting, a widescreen TV gets rolled in and guess who has come to the meeting via the wonder of technology? Willie! When she asks for pitches, Betty offers a profile on Zachary and Willie shoots it down. Then Willie has to get off and go to surgery. When Daniel tells her the shoot is off, she goes ballistic. But, he pulls the plug on Willie TV. Betty then repitches her idea to Daniel and while he doesn’t quite agree that a playwright profile is right for Mode, he lets her do it. Hah, but then he tells her it would be easier just to ask Zachary out!

At the hospital, Amanda and Marc drop off some stuff for Willie and they’re talking about Amanda dating Tyler while she’s sleeping with Daniel. Dirty. In her room, Willie tells Marc she’s going forward on the shoot and she doesn’t want them to tell Daniel.

After the operation, Daniel visits after hearing that their photographer had been booked for a cover shoot by Willie. Caught! He then makes it clear, despite her efforts for sympathy by groaning in pain, that she isn’t doing that issue’s cover. She begrudgingly agrees.

At the hospital the next day, Marc and Amanda are doing their usual check-in with Willie when her doctor stops them. He basically says they need to stop bringing her work or she’ll never heal. Marc and Amanda decide it’s best if they drug Willie to high heaven and let her sleep. So, they did.

Later, Willie has woken up from her drugged sleep and starts texting away until her roomie asks if she could stop. She tells her that she used to be Willie and warns her that she could become just like her – old, rich, and alone.

The next day, Willie has had an epiphany. She’s wasting her time trying to get control of Mode. If she’s going to die a sad death, she wants Meade, the whole enchilada. Que rico!

That night, Daniel shows up at Amanda’s place. He has had another fight with his mother and needs some Amanda lovin’. She turns him down on the sexual healing, but he still wants to come in and just not be alone. Daniel needs to get over it already, right?

Kiss off
At the interview, Betty and Zachary are just on the border of flirting with one another. That quickly changes when Zachary begins talking about his passion for writing. Lost in the moment, they kiss! Betty freaks out at the obvious professional line she has crossed and she runs out.

As Betty is writing her story on Zachary the next day, she can’t help but daydream about the hunky playwright. Just then, Zachary comes by, wanting to talk. In the elevator down, Zachary kissed Betty again, then asked her if she’ll go on a date with him. While she continues to argue that it’s unprofessional, his hunky-ness wins out and she agrees to a secret date.

Later that night, Betty and Zachary try to go on their date incognito. Betty looks like the invisible man when he’s wrapped up. So funny how Amanda passes them several times on the way out, but she doesn’t realize Betty is with Zachary. She barely pays any attention to Betty. Instead of going out, Zachary pulls Betty into the back room of the lobby. Kinky.

The next day, Betty and Hilda are shopping and she tells Hilda that she can’t believe he’s into her. Of course, Hilda thinks that’s bull and reminds her that she has no reason to feel inferior to him. Just then, Justin calls. Turns out Lily is coming over and he wants everything to be perfect.

Betty is having her own date that night with Zachary. Just as they’re kissing goodbye, guess who’s standing in the hallway? Daniel. Slick, Betty. In the end, Daniel tells her he isn’t mad at all. After all, he’s sleeping with Amanda, his assistant, and has no grounds to be judgmental.

The next day, Betty invites Zachary to the office and kisses him in front of everyone. She has been making a mountain out of a molehill. When she mentions that she can attend his premiere with him that night, he tells her that he needs to cancel with his mother. Uh huh. Of course, family-centric Betty wasn’t going to let him cancel on his mother, so she says she’ll go next time. Oh, Betty, so naïve in the ways of love.

Betty decides to go anyway. She takes her seat and tells the woman sitting in the chair next to her that she’s dating Zachary. The woman doesn’t seem to believe her. When Zach arrives, Betty waves at him and he doesn’t look happy to see her. Just then, a pretty redhead appears at his side. Either his mother had him when she was 5 or that ain’t his mother. I’m going with choice #2. Embarrassed, Betty tries to leave the show, but of course she makes a scene when the play extends to the aisle and blocks her way. Poor thing.

After the play, Betty tries to get out of there, but Zachary catches her. He tells her that his agent set that all up and he’s not with that girl. He tells her that the public façade sells tickets, but they could still date secretly. What does Betty do? Socks him. All right, Snooki!

ugly betty recap abc justin austin 'Ugly Betty': Kiss offWhen Lily arrives to watch movies with Justin, she brings a surprise: Austin. Uh huh. Justin isn’t happy to see him until he discovers they have the same interest in films. Hmmm.

Later that week, Marc and Justin get ready to leave for his class performance and Justin tells him that he’s nervous about kissing Lily in their scene toni
ght. And then sweetness happens when Marc tells Justin that if he means it, then it won’t be bad. Aw.

At Justin’s performance, his kiss with Lily goes well. Then, as he walks backstage he sees Austin and Lily kissing, really kissing. I mean for a while. Poor Justin. Afterward, Austin goes to find Justin and tells him that Lily didn’t kiss him. He kissed her. Then, just as they’re doing the pushy, pushy trash talking boy thing, Austin kisses Justin!!!! Yay!

Back at home, Betty realizes that she wasn’t hiding Zachary, he was hiding her. It’s hitting her hard until Hilda tells Betty that she’s stuck in a story she made up about herself and she can always be another story if she wants. And once she figures that out, she’ll be happier.

Justin, who came home confused by the kisses, overhears Hilda’s advice to Betty. The next day at class, he’s actually excited to see Austin. But when Austin doesn’t show up, he asks the teacher if they should wait for him. She tells the class that Austin had dropped out. Sadness.

The next day, Zachary drops by Mode to see Betty. Despite everything that happened, Betty wrote a good profile on him. He tells her that he really likes her and wants to be with her, but they’ll have to keep it secret for now. Betty turns him down and says she’s going to try something different.

Next episode: Betty’s braces come off and Kathy Najimy guest stars. Are you ready?

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