Ugly-Betty-ABC-320.jpgOn this week’s “Ugly Betty,” Matt and Betty have had enough, Mode changes hands (again), and Hilda lets everyone know who her daddy is.

“Metty” learns how to express their passion
It becomes clear from a Matt and Betty montage that they’re hanging out a lot since they got back together in the last episode. When Betty finally gets a day alone, we learn that she’s a bit over spending so much time with Matt. Of course, he sends over flowers and a card with an audible message: “Miss you much,” repeated over and over. Betty decides she needs to find something else for Matt to pour his passion into other than her.

She decides to go to a gallery to pitch Matt’s work as an emerging artist. Remember he painted? The gallery owner likes the painting she brought and goes with Betty to Matt’s storage unit to look at others, but Matt arrives while they’re there. As Betty is distracting Matt, the gallery owner finds some paintings she feels show a lot of passion. Betty leaves the gallery owner to pick out whatever she likes while she gets Matt out of there.

Not knowing what paintings were chosen, Betty organizes a surprise art show for Matt and invites everyone. That backfires when Betty and Matt arrive to see that she inspires all the paintings. Some of them were created while they were fighting and are, well, ugly. Matt is livid that Betty would show his work, something he considered private. She’s shocked, as well, to see some of the hatred for her spewed onto the canvas. In an argument, Betty explains that she thinks Matt is too passionate about their relationship. Matt tells her that she’s not passionate enough.

Later, Hilda reminds Betty that she is totally passionate. Her diaries prove it. Hilda, of course, then has to admit she has been reading Betty’s diaries. Oops.

Betty confronts Matt and shares her diary with him to prove that although she may not express her passion outwardly, it’s definitely there. Matt, who seems to have been doing some thinking, has realized that he has lost track of what his passion is. In a surprise move, he decides he’s leaving Mode.

I totally thought he was going to break up with her here, didn’t you?

Once a thug, always a thug?
Ugly-Betty-ABC-Hilda-Bobby-320.jpgHilda not only needs to tell Ignacio and Justin she’s pregnant, she also has to tell Bobby. Oh, and another minor detail: It’s his baby. Hilda, though, expresses reservations about raising a baby with Bobby, who has quite a “thug life” past. Surprisingly, Bobby arrives with an HDTV out of the blue. It’s all taped up and obviously not from a store. Ignacio hates the idea of Hilda hanging out with Bobby again. Little does he know, huh? While she defends Bobby from her dad, Hilda knows that she, too, feels Bobby may not be on the up and up.

Later at Matt’s art show, Hilda sees Bobby sliding money to a cop. She comes to the conclusion that he’s paying the cop off and makes a scene at the show. Ultimately, she ends up blurting out that she’s pregnant and Bobby is the father. Snap! Ignacio is right there, as well.

The next day, Bobby visits with a peace offering and tells Hilda that he would want nothing more than to be there for her and the baby. Aw.

I would love for this to work out for them. Judging by Hilda’s track record, though, will it last? Ignacio is also a pretty stubborn guy when he has his mind set. Will he come around regarding Bobby?

Daniel and Wilhelmina join forces
Daniel teams up with Willie to take back control of Mode, but Willie has bigger plans. She not only wants to buy out Cal, but she wants Denise, the new creative director, out.

Denise was just too easy. Daniel sets her up with a TV interview with Suzuki St. Pierre. Surprising, she gets through that after cramming with a fashion student before the interview. After the interview, Denise explains to Daniel how little she really knows about fashion. Mark, now Daniel’s assistant and used to Willie’s underhanded ways, quickly reads a nod from Daniel as a sign to turn on the TV camera. Of course, that’s the part that makes the news. Before we know it, Denise has “resigned.”

When Daniel and Willie confront Cal about buying his share of the company out, he doesn’t take very well to it. Neither does Claire, who’s angry that Daniel is working with Willie. Claire is also blinded by one, her love for Cal and two, her rediscovery of their long lost love child. It’s clear getting rid of Cal is going to take some effort.

Willie then hears Amanda confirming that Claire was in South Dakota and recalls a past conversation with Claire about having a child in South Dakota. It only takes a little couture and matching accessories to get Amanda to talk. Next thing we know, a file on the lost son Tyler, is left on Cal’s desk. When Cal confronts Claire about it, it becomes clear to her that Cal doesn’t have the same family dedication that she has. He cares more about preserving his fortune than doing right by Tyler.

After Daniel apologizes to Claire and with what she knows about Cal’s feelings toward Tyler, she decides to join Willie and Daniel to oust Cal. When he refuses to go easily, she threatens him with exposing his identity to their son. Oh, and maybe providing an attorney, as well. That’s enough and Cal is done.  Good thing Matt is quitting, huh?

Later, Claire lets Willie know that she knew that the file was her doing and swears her to secrecy on Tyler.

Other thoughts and tidbits:

  • “Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson hitting on Betty, then asking her to find a new orthodontist after she rejects him. Does that mean he won’t be back to take her braces off?
  • “One day Matt is saying miss you much and next day, POP, POP, murder-suicide.” – Hilda (on Matt’s extreme passion for Betty)
  • Denise, the now former creative director, refers to her “snooki.” (This must have been taped way before “Jersey Shore“!)
  • Loved Amanda’s duckling analogy for Troy, Mark’s new admirer.
  • “She actually thinks Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani are brothers.” – Mark (on Denise’s fashion knowledge)
  • “You’re trans-mexifying before our eyes.” – Amanda (on Mark’s changes since he took Betty’s place as Daniel’s assistant)
  • “I’m your first? Aren’t you like forty?” – Mark (on the news that he’s Troy’s first gay everything)
  • In one of Matt’s paintings, the deer have braces on.

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