ugly-betty-abc-hilda-betty-amanda.jpgIn this episode of “Ugly Betty,” Betty, Hilda and Amanda take off for London and come back with new realizations about their careers, Willie makes some progress toward her goal of taking over Meade and Bobby discovers that Justin’s definition of male bonding is very different from his.

London, anyone?
Hilda’s wedding is getting closer and planning is going at breakneck speed. When she finds out Bobby is planning a trip – “Boobs, booze and a bus to Atlantic City” – Hilda decides she wants to travel for her bachelorette party, too. When Betty tells her that she had planned a champagne tour at The Met museum, she and Bobby think it’s hi-lar-ious. Embarrassed, Betty pretends she was kidding.

When Bobby offers to give Justin a ride to school, he turns him down. He’s walking to school with Austin. Oooooh. Bobby takes it badly, though, thinking Justin no longer likes him as much as he used to.

Back at Mode, Tyler asks Claire if she has gotten anywhere with tracking down his father. Of course, she can’t tell him that Hartley basically rejected him over money. Plus, she promised him she wouldn’t tell. Instead, she tells Tyler that the records from the rehab where they met had been lost. Rehab where they met? Classy, Claire. Tyler takes it well and he says that he came to meet her and that worked out. Aw.

As he’s walking out, Tyler runs into Betty. She tells him that she knows Daniel and in time he’ll come around. Daniel sees them talking, though, and he’s not happy. Betty tells him to grow up. He tells her that he’s putting her down for Team Daniel.

Marc arrives from the mall with gaudy clothing for Wilhelmina. She has some meeting coming up and it requires that she not show up in cashmere and fur. Willie tells him she plans on winning over Tyler who she’ll then use as her pawn in overthrowing the Meades.

Later, Amanda shows up dressed as a British dandy or a horse jockey. I’m not sure. She tells Marc she’s trying to look British. Poor Marc is jealous she gets to go to London while he stays in NYC all lonely-like. Then, she reminds him that he’s dating Troy. I’m glad she reminded him, because I had forgotten that, too.

In Daniel’s office, Betty talks him out of going to London Fashion Week, which he refers to as the training bra of fashion weeks. She tells him to stay and work it out with Tyler. She then has an excellent idea.

Yay! Hilda is going to London for her bachelorette party!

Mobot no more
Hilda, Amanda and Betty barely touch down in London when who should arrive? Christina!!! She’s lookin’ good and ready to get drunk! Turns out Christina is an up and coming designer on this side of the pond. She introduces Betty to a big publisher in England and when he finds out that she works for Mode, he asks her if she’ll interview for a fashion columnist position they’re trying to fill. Then Betty prepares to attend shows as the gals paint London red.

Later when Betty meets up with the girls, they’re already well into drunkville. Betty decides to let her hair down and join in on the festivities. While playing a drinking game, Betty lands on a dare. The girls make her flash her boobies to some strange guy at the bar and, after some drunken encouragement, she does it. Turns out the guy isn’t a stranger. It’s Gio! So exciting to see him, isn’t it?

Embarrassed, Betty quickly zips up. Turns out Gio is in town for the day and he invites Betty to hang out with him for the rest of his night. Hilda basically forces Betty to go, have fun, live! On the walk, Freddy and Betty begin to tease each other. When Betty accuses him of doing his whole insult-flirting thing, Gio tells her he’s engaged. NO, GIO! I was totally hoping that they’d end up together.

Gio tells Betty that she has become lost in Mode and that he thinks that she has taken something that was supposed to be a steppingstone and made it a career. Offended by the accusation, Betty leaves Gio in a huff to return to Hilda.

The next morning, Betty wakes up with a major hangover and she has that interview coming up. Regardless, she does really well at the interview and basically gets an offer on the spot. Then, she realizes that Gio may have been right. She is being enveloped by the fashion career. She’s a “mobot.” So, Betty turns down the job.

She decides to meet up with Gio again and tells him that he was right about her. He then tells her that when she rejected him, he thought it was something about him and went nuts. Then, he got back to what he really enjoyed – sandwich making – and met his fiancĂ©, a baker who made the best bread. I’m happy for Gio, though I was hoping something would spark between them.

Meanwhile at Mode, Marc tracks down Troy, he finds out that they’re not boyfriends any more. It has been two months since Marc called him. So, the ship has sailed, people. Nothing to see here.

When Amanda returns to London, she finds a dejected Marc on the couch. After he tells her about his oh-so-lonely existence, she drops a bomb. She’s leaving Mode to pursue her dream of being a stylist. Yay, Amanda!

Drinks are on Willie
Back in New York City, Tyler is attending an AA meeting. After he sits down, the moderator points to a new face in the crowd and asks her to introduce herself. It’s Willie! No she isn’t passing herself as a drunk to get close to Tyler. But, she is! When they connect after the meeting, Willie convinces him to bring her on as his sponsor.

Later, Willie plants some dangerous seeds in Tyler’s head. She tells him that the Meades can be secretive and that they’re worried about splitting their fortune with him. She also tells him that they may even try to pay him off. We then go into a flashback and see that Willie has informed Daniel that he should party it up with Tyler, write him a check, then send him off. Ain’t that sneaky? That’s Willie!

Later, Daniel decides to take Betty’s advice to try and get closer to Tyler with a night on the town. But without knowing it, Daniel tells Tyler that Hartley is his dad. Tyler calls Willie, because he’s feeling the urge to drink and she isn’t exactly discouraging him.

Tyler decides to have that drink and Daniel, who is doing really well with trying to make good with him, then offers him a check. Of course, Tyler was predisposed to thinking the check is a payoff, because Willie had engineered it that way. He suddenly gets violent and takes on Daniel (and anyone else within a 5 foot radius).

When Claire picks up Daniel from jail, she finds out that not only did he let Tyler drink alcohol, but he also told him that Hartley is his father. Suddenly, the whole night becomes clear to Daniel and he apologizes.

Willie, though, bailed out Tyler. Shaken up and having seen what she told him come true, he utters the words she was hoping he’d say. He’s going to take his share of Mead. Willies big plan, Operation: Make Tyler a pawn, is officially in effect.

Male bonding
Austin and Justin are too cute. They’re hanging out and Austin asks Justin out on a formal date! Just then Bobby runs in and starts talking about having a Suarez bachelor party. Justin tries to get out of it, but Austin says they can reschedule their date.

The next night the guys get back from their party and Justin excuses himself to take a call. Bobby is clearly bothered that Justin won’t just hang with the guys.

The next day, Bobby excitedly tells Justin that he scored tickets to the Beyonce concert. Now, that is som
e major Justin bait, but he tells Bobby he can’t go. Fed up, Bobby directly asks him why he doesn’t want to hang with him anymore. Justin tells him that he has plans already and it has nothing to do with Bobby.

Yet, Bobby just can’t let it go. Even when Ignacio tells him he’s trying too hard, Bobby insists on talking to Justin again. So he goes off to look for him. When he finds him, it’s not exactly what he was expecting to see. He catches Justin and Austin kissing. I find this storyline amazing. Remember when ABC placed warnings before shows with gay kisses just a few years ago?

Then, Justin realizes Bobby has caught him. So, he asks Bobby not to tell anyone – not even Hilda – and he agrees.

Old flames make awkward plus ones
While in London, the girls drunk-dialed their exes. Suddenly, we see Henry listening to his messages and there’s Betty asking him to come to Hilda’s wedding…

With just two episodes left, how are you feeling about the direction our characters are moving in?

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