Ugly-Betty-ABC-Recap-320.jpgThis week’s episode of “Ugly Betty” was both moving in its writing, as well as literally for its characters. Matt makes plans to move to Botswana, Connor transfers to a different prison (or so Wilhelmina thinks) and Betty is forced to move on with her life.

Wilhelmina is left at the altar (sort of)
While Willie is visiting Connor in jail, he tells her that he can’t stand having her live like that and feels she should move on. Later Wilhelmina decides that marriage is her form of prison, so she decides that marrying Connor will send him the message that she loves him (enough to deal with him in prison). After some hesitance, he accepts her proposal. When Willie arrives for the ceremony, the prison guard tells her Connor has transferred to another prison. This scene was incredibly hard to watch. I like my Wilhelmina cold, not shaken.

Later, we find out that Connor faked the whole transfer, so Willie would be forced to move on.

Betty blogs about Botswana, Matt goes there.
Betty is assigned a story on stilettos, but she wants to write more meaningful stories. When she pitches a shoe story about people doing amazing things and the shoes they wear, Willie isn’t happy and takes Betty off the story. After Betty apologizes, Willie gives her back her piece, but assigns her a series of bogus story ideas to teach her a lesson.

After telling Matt and Hilda about her frustrations, they convince her to start her own blog. After some hesitance (Betty, it’s just a blog. Geez.), she decides she’ll create one aimed at inspiring others. Her first story is the one she originally pitched to Willie on shoes, and then she decides to do one on a woman’s charity work in Botswana.

Increasingly, Matt gets enthused about the work in Botswana and Betty’s blog further stokes the flames. After he tells Betty he has decided to do volunteer work in Botswana, she doesn’t take the news well.

Later, she goes into Wilhelmina to talk about her bogus story assignments. What she gets is a brokenhearted Willie. After Willie tells her that Connor should have done what she wanted, Betty finds clarity. She can’t keep Matt from going to Botswana just because she doesn’t want him to. She decides to say goodbye to Matt.

Daniel doubts Marc
Willie wants Marc back and Daniel agrees to share him. Soon after, Marc begins screwing up, though. Daniel thinks Marc is doing it on purpose, so that he can go back to Willie fulltime. The truth is Marc was “messing up” on purpose. He wanted to help Daniel lose weight, be at the right places to be photographed and he had an end game: Get Daniel to shave his beard. Ingenious.

Hilda Week!
It’s clear Hilda is starting to get resentful of her pregnancy. She already feels she has very little time for herself, because she’s always taking care of others. And, now, a baby is coming! In order to make her feel better, Bobby plans Hilda week. A week full of events planned out just for Hilda. It doesn’t go as planned, though, when he gets the details wrong on an Ace of Base (Love the ’90’s reference) concert and Hilda gets called home to take care of a sick Justin. He makes up for it when he shows up to take care of Justin, so Hilda can rest. It’s Hilda Week, after all. Aw.

Betty moves out (again)
Betty finds out that Amanda and Marc have moved out of her apartment and they owe two months of back rent. Betty tells Amanda that she needs to take care of it. Later, Amanda shows up with the money (after selling her hair, well, extensions, but they’re hers. She paid for it.) Then Amanda admits that she moved out soon after Matt left her to get back with Betty. After Betty tells her about Matt and Botswana, Amanda suggests she move back into her apartment. Betty decides Amanda’s right: It’s time for her to move on.

Other thoughts and tidbits:

  • I’m not sure I’m going to miss Matt. Betty can do better. Plus, I thought it was kind of d-baggy of him to throw her blog back at her as one of the reasons he decided to leave. Anyone else feel me on that one?

  • “I hated ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ If you tell one gay person I said that, I will deny it. I will.” – Marc

  • “I’m working like an eight-year-old seamstress here, trying to turn this magazine around.” – Wilhelmina

  • Loved when Amanda mistakes the burly delivery guy for Betty!

  • “It’s hideous. Its ingredients are chicken broth, evil and dirt.” – Justin (on the soup Bobby brought over for him)

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