Ericmabius_bunny_290 "Ugly Betty's" return a week early isn't exactly triumphant, but like all things spring, promises growth and new life. And in this case, the harbinger is a pink bunny named Floppy.

Spoilers, like those Easter eggs that were never found.

At What Eggs-pense?

Poor Daniel is doing everything he can, even *gasp* taking the bus to work, but Meade Publications is going down the tubes. At first he hopes to make an investor out of Cal Hartley — wealthy dad of Betty's bf Matt — but when he can't get a meeting, he's forced to cut staff, including the fabulously crass Amanda. At a charity event, Betty's tenacity and pleading with Matt finally leads to securing Cal's financial support — but only after Daniel humiliates himself by donning a pink bunny suit. It turns out, in Matt's own words, that Mr. Hartley is Satan.

Danielericgold_290 Great Eggs-pectations

Betty and Matt (Matty? Batt? Betthew?) are just so darn sweet, they're more real than Splenda. He's pampering her with Limo Tuesday and dangling Submarine Thursday as a carrot. Of course, the journey to love is not smooth because of all the construction, so there's a bit of hitch when Betty tries to secure Daniel that investor meeting with Matt's dad. Matt refuses twice, drawing a firm line between who he is as a person and who he is as a connection to his megalomaniac pop, but cuz Betty's so kind and nice and has his heart, Matt eventually gives in.

Vanessawilliams_290 Eggs-cruciating Pain

Finally, Wilhelmeaner doubts that she's actually William's mother when a photographer says the infant looks more like Christina. (And why is he an expert in human development?) The Scottish lass catches wind of the doubt and begins to hope that maybe she *is* the mom cuz, erm, she had sex w/ Stuart right before the implantation procedure. A super-speedy blood test, however, shows that Wil gets to stay in the Meade empire. Xtina is crushed. Damn.

Random Scramble:

 - Mandy + pink slip = sadness
 - I totally understand Matt's P.O.V. about being used to get to his dad, but once again, he proved himself to be pretty much the best boyfriend ever. Now, although I love Betty, what has she done for him lately?
 - Hilda sweeping Mr. H a curtsy was beyond awesome.
 - Amanda: "He's the delegate from Hungary … and he was."   Also: "My sex IQ is crazy high. I'm like the Einstein of sex."
 - So, is this plot and the baby-napping one next episode going to set up Christina's departure from the show? I'll miss her! Betty needs a good gal pal.
 - Overall, not bad for this episode, but it makes me think things are building for a big finish!


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