Vanessawilliams_uglybetty_240 Things move fast in Ugly Betty land, so even though equilibrium was achieved in this episode, a whole lot of wrong was put into motion as well.


Now that Betty’s hellhole of an apartment has been put to rights and made fabulous in the span of one episode, it’s time to get her career — and by extension Daniel’s career — back on track.

After Betty makes Wilhelmina aware (through Alexis) that Daniel is still making rather thoughtful notes on his copy of "the book," Willie decides to undermine him by asking Betty to be her assistant. At first Betty resists, but when Daniel catches wind of the offer, he feels betrayed and petulant, picking a fight with Betty, who promptly goes to the dark side.

Fear not. Betty always lands on her ankle socks-clad feet — snagging an ad from the snooty, metallic-loving Penelope Del Rios and then becoming the only assistant since Wil to get a genuine Russian royal tiara on loan. Wilhelmina is so thrilled, she wants to make Betty into a Mini-Me Willie. Even Marc and his Botox-injecting duties have been supplanted by the new shining star that is Betty.

Through some maneuvering by Marc, suddenly all is set to rights. Daniel and Betty get their old jobs back (Betty with a raise), while Wilhelmina is ousted, emphasized in spectactular fashion when Claire pushes over the Wil-inspired life-sized ice sculpture. Go Claire, the protective mama lion! But oh, what kind of retribution will this bring?

Just like last season, I’m not so certain I’m digging the DJ storyline. Daniel goes through some hand-wringing when he realizes DJ’s French grandparents want to engage in a custody battle for him. DJ reassures his pops that he’d rather bond with him, and so they engage in father-son Guitar Hero. Um, really Ugly Betty? I love me some Guitar Hero, but that was so 2007. What about some Rock Band or Wii?

This story better go somewhere. I hope DJ isn’t their way of trying to infuse a youthful element to the show. We already have Justin for that. And I love me some Justin. Even though his style has matured a bit, his fashion observations — like when Hilda tries to match leopard and zebra: "They fight each other in the wild!" — are just classic.

Eddiecibrian And as much as I love the Suarez family, I’m over Hilda and her bad judgment dating Coach Tony, even if he did inspire one of the most hilarious scenes in this episode when he visited Mode and won the instant, lustful adoration of both Marc and Amanda. Okay, I get that I’m supposed to have this suspension of disbelief, but really, Hilda, how can you be in love with the Coach? You only have stolen moments together doing it on your couch, hoping Ignacio doesn’t catch you.

Maybe finally getting stood up for their only real "date" will wake her up. I mean, come on, Tony isn’t even separated really. He still is at the beck and call of his wife, whom he is smooching in photos on his phone. Hilda, hit over the head much?

Finally, I’ll just say that I’ve had a bad feeling about Stuart from the start and not just about his apparent drug use. There’s something fishy about him, about his convenient appearance on the scene, his influence with Christina making her decide to be the receptacle for the Bradford-mina spawn. Christina was always so much more amusing when she was horny and hitting on guys, so that’s another reason to hate Stuart.

And possibly there’s one more reason? We see, in horribly ominous slo-mo, Christina get pushed by an unidentified figure down the stairs. Her tumble takes forever, and in the end, we’re left wondering who did the deed and to what purpose. It’s one way — if a very iffy, inefficient one — to try and rid her of her fetus. Or perhaps Christina herself is the target, but why?

Other musings and highlights:

– Wilhelmina: "Who cares what the average girl on the street wears. We shouldn’t be taking pictures of them, we should be throwing rocks at them."
– Marc is in fine form tonight, ranging from some really snappy lines:
"No burrito for you!"
"If you get the filing right, I won’t beat you with a bag of oranges."
"This is my favorite part of the job, injecting deadly poisons into my boss’ head."
… and in response to Tony asking, "See the Super Bowl?" Marc responds, "If I say yes, will you take your shirt off?"
– A note about Marc’s fashion too. He’s not over-the-top flamboyant like he was previously. I loved it when he would match his lavendar pocket square to his tie, but this snazzier Marc is just so well put together. I’ve been loving his extended ties, black-on-black with pinstripes, or even that teal short-sleeved shirt over long sleeves.
Ashleyjensen_uglybetty_240Christina to Stuart about finding Oxycontin and heroin when lab testing his hair for drugs: "It’s like Rush Limbaugh fornicated with Amy Winehouse and they spawned you."

Where do you think the DJ or Hilda story lines are going? Who pushed Christina? Was this a satisfying episode? Who do miss?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen