Now that Kimmie has reverted to her old, snotty ways, Betty’s good-natured character and business ethics are put to the test on Ugly Betty. Luckily she has a couple angels (Daniel and Jesse) on her shoulder to counteract the suavely thin demons (MarcManda) urging her to act against her better judgment.

Spoilers in the form of a delicious fruit grown on my granddad’s farm.

Kimmie is being all kinds of bitchy, lording her associate editorship over Betty, demanding lunch and other demeaning things. But Betty’s not about to let Kimmie get all the glory for pitching an idea for Mode‘s upcoming "Sizzling Hot" issue, so Betty stumbles upon her own brilliant idea.

Challenged to think of a "hot" fruit to feature, Betty learns that the super-hot Adriana Lima is a huge fan of the super-rare fruit the tiko berry, which frankly just looks like rambutan to me. Anyhow, Betty scores a major coup with Adriana agreeing to do the cover and a feature about said fruit for Mode, and thus earns our girl the job of project manager. Smoke that, Kimmie.

Well, Kimmie is bent on sabotage: gumming up the works for Betty’s on-air interview with Fashion TV and intercepting Adriana at the airport in order to take credit for all of Betty’s ideas. But Kimmie’s power trip has gone to far: She’s made enemies with Marc and Amanda, first by socially snubbing them — "busy, busy, let’s talk later, ‘kay?" — and then replacing Cliff (Marc’s beau) with another photographer.

At first Betty resists the idea of sabotaging Kimmie back, but Marc and Amanda are persistent and even set up the Mean Girl, with Betty to deliver the coup de grace. But Betty chickens out and confesses to Kimmie, who thinks it’s reverse psychology. When Wilhelmina arrives at the shoot, Kimmie’s attitude comes out (calling Wil "babe"!), and she’s summarily fired and escorted away, only to shout, "Screw all of you! You haven’t seen the last of me!"

Well, we know that’s not true.

In the end, Betty saves the day and the photo shoot, and Daniel rewards her with some business cards. That’s sweet … but a promotion after two years would have been nice. I mean, as long as your handing out associate editor positions willy-nilly … just sayin’.

Meanwhile, Claire lectures Daniel and Wilhelmina to get their act together financially or else Mode will fold. Wil sees an opportunity in a charming and prestigious Australian businessman named Connor Owen (Grant Bowler), whom Daniel hates. After some struggles with his ego, he finally hires Connor as the CFO. When the two men meet to sign the contract, it’s revealed that they’re friends and used reverse psychology to get Wil on board with Connor. Sneaky! I knew something was up, but didn’t expect that.

Lastly, we get some Suarez love. Ignacio is gung-ho about being a citizen and allowed to vote for the first time. Hilda is psyched about the election too — but only because she’s pulling in hair clients from the polling place around the corner. The "exercise your franchise" message is a bit heavy handed, but not unreasonable. Hilda doesn’t think that voting matters, but a visit from a last-minute client who turns out to be a councilman advising her not to cut hair until she gets a business license makes her think.

Other musings and highlights:

– Huzzah times three! Cliff is back ever-so-briefly, but this means that we’re going to get a Cliff and Marc story line soon, right? Please?
– I’m not loving Amanda this season. So annoying. I’m kind of scared for the next episode when she crashes with Betty.
– Speaking of … she better not ruin Betty’s thing with neighbor Jesse. So far, I’m liking him. He’s quirky but not insane. With that said, I’m not sure Betty is ready for another romance quite yet.
– Justin in the Uncle Sam outfit. ‘Nuff said.
– Why Papi voted five times for last year’s Dancing With the Stars: "That Kristi Yamaguchi is an Asian ball of fire."
– I’m not sure I care to see Archie Rodriguez again.
– Wil: "You know what they say about models … but this one is a smart one." Cut to Adriana Lima finishing a Rubik’s cube and then asking for the NYT crossword.

Your thoughts?  Glad to see  LiLo go? Glad to see Cliff back? 

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen