ugly-betty-series-finale-betty.jpgIn the series finale of “Ugly Betty,” Amanda finds her daddy, Marc gets creative, Hilda moves on and Betty and Daniel embark on a new adventure together.

RIP Halston
The crew attends a funeral. At first, I thought it was Willie shot down from last week’s Claire / Tyler melee. It ended up just being Amanda’s dog Halston. Phew. I mean poor Halston!

The softer side of Willie
We then find out that Willie is in a coma from being shot and the Meades are claiming it was an accident. Probably on of the most touching things I’ve seen in a while. Marc doing comatosed Willie’s nails and filling her in on the events she’s missing out on. Aw.

Later, Willie suddenly wakes from her coma to find Connor sitting by her bedside. He talked a prison guard into giving him a few hours to visit Willie. He tells her that he made her think he had been transferred, so she can move on with her life. But, now that he sees he almost lost her, he has changed his mind. Willie declares that she’s a whole new person.

Then, Claire shows up. Happy to see her at first, Claire is all business. She wants Willie to corroborate their story that Tyler had nothing to do with her shooting. I think Willie was already moving in that direction until Claire insulted her with a check in the amount of “not enough for Willie.”

Later while Marc helps her pack her things, Willie is steaming mad and she’s already figuring out ways to get control of Mode. But, when she begins to talk about what they’ll do, Marc puts his foot down. He tells her that she’s like his mother and that, yes, he did join in on her devious plans, but not anymore. Here’s the kicker: He then tells her that he thought that now that she’s alive and has Connor back, she should be happy – but she’ll never be happy.

That did it. At a press conference later, Willie looking into the crowd of press and then over at the worried Meades declared that her shooting was indeed an accident and happened while she was cleaning out her gun. Aw.

Hilda’s movin’ on up
At breakfast, Bobby and Hilda tell Betty that they’re getting their own place. Bay Ridge! Justin isn’t pleased that they’re not looking in Manhattan. Shhhhh, don’t tell Papi!

Who’s Amanda’s daddy?
Amanda and her client, Spencer (played by “Mad Men’s” Bryan Batt), get into a tiff over a poll deciding whether or not he wears a suit better than Ellen. As Amanda is preparing to close the book on the relationship, Marc finally tells her that he thinks Spencer is her dad. After her previous disastrous run-ins with trying to find him, Amanda wonders if she could deal with all those emotions again.

Goodbye to old friends
At Betty’s place, it’s clear that Ignacio doesn’t want her to go to London. Instead of the yummy food he usually serves her, he made an English meal, Haggies, to show what she had been missing. She’s resolved, though, folks. Betty is going to London. Hilda and Bobby announce they are thinking of getting their own place, but
Daniel calls Betty to the office and she admits that she hasn’t told him about taking the London gig. When she tries to tell him she has taken another job, he asks her if she’ll write his bio for the upcoming 100th issue of Mode. He tells her that he couldn’t have done it without him.

Later, Betty lets it slip to Marc that she has taken the job in London. Marc, not going to be anyone’s secret keeper anytime soon then sends an office-wide text blast. Betty tries to reach Daniel before he sees it, but too late. He’s visibly shocked, but agrees to let her out of her contract.

He then realizes he’s angry she didn’t speak with him before making a decision and he makes a very dramatic public show of his refusal to let her go. Fire and Daniel apparently don’t mix. He tells Betty that he still needs to think about whether he’ll release her from the contract.

Betty then runs into Claire and tells her that Daniel refuses to release her from the contract. Claire goes into Daniel’s office with a theory. She thinks he has developed feelings for Betty. He denies it, of course. Claire then tells him that if he doesn’t want her to leave, then he has to give her a reason to stay. Meanwhile, Marc has whipped Betty into a frenzy and she decides to tell Daniel off. When they walk into each other, Daniel offers her a promotion and sizable raise.

When Betty discusses the offer with her family, Ignacio gets excited that she may stay in NYC. With him in a good mood, Bobby blurts out that they’re moving to Manhattan! Papi doesn’t like that idea at all. Hilda gets angry with Bobby and runs out. When Betty catches up with her, she says she doesn’t want to leave Papi alone.

Later, Betty has a heart to heart with Justin about taking the London job. He tells her that she has done risky things before and she should do what her heart wants. When did Justin become the teacher?

When Betty breaks it to Daniel, he doesn’t take it well. But, this time he agrees to accept her resignation and releases her from her contract.

At Betty Halston’s farewell party, Claire shares her theory with Betty about Daniel’s love for her. Betty refuses to believe it.

Meanwhile, our new teacher Justin helps Marc, who has been having a rough time in the love department lately, approach Troy (who Justin believes is newly single again). And Justin is right.

While she’s dancing atop the reception desk, the place she called home for nearly four years, Spencer appears. He apologizes for the whole Ellen thing and then just as Amanda is ready to tell him he’s her dad, he tells he already knows. He actually hunted her down! Yay! And slap. Aw. And hug.

While Betty leaves a message for Daniel, Willie approaches her. At first, it sounds like she’s going to give her a good tongue lashing for not asking her permission to leave. Instead, Willie tells Betty she has balls and gives her blessing!

As Marc, Amanda and Betty dance the night away, Daniel watches on.

The next day, he gets the book for the 100th anniversary of Mode and then gets a bright idea. He walks into Willie’s office and tells her he’s stepping down as co-editor-and-chief. He tells her she earned it! Boy, did she. That means Mode is finally Willy’s and we’re all OK with it, too!!! Later, Willie tells Marc that she’ll need to lean on him far more creatively now and he says he’s up for the challenge as long as there are no more schemes. She tells him she just has one. At the prison, Willie tells Connor that she pulled some strings and he’ll be getting a new cellmate. One that has a secret that if Connor can pull out of him, his jail sentence will be drastically lowered.

Later, at the Suarez house, Ignacio tells the girls that he has had a change of heart. He wants them to follow their dreams. Hilda and Bobby then ask him to move into their new place, but he tells them he’d rather stay in Queens. Keepin’ it real. He then tells Betty that he supports her in going to London. After all, he and her mother moved to the U.S. from Mexico and they have had no regrets.

Get the tissue box, because Betty is ready to leave for London. After a tearful goodbye from her family, she hops in a cab headed straight for her new life.

London Betty is fabulous with her new specs and new responsibilities. Then as she’s walking, she bumps into someone: DANIEL! He has decided to stay in London and even more significantly, I believe he asked Betty on their first official date.

did you feel about how “Ugly Betty” said goodbye?

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