ugly-betty-abc-betty-daniel-hook-up.jpgLast week’s episode of “Ugly Betty” put several stories to bed: Hilda’s star crossed love life, Justin’s coming out process and even Amanda’s mystery dad!

There was one storyline that has vexed fans since Season 1 and it was left unresolved: Will Betty and Daniel hook up? We saw some definite movement in that direction in the last episode.

The mythical “Detty” storyline that the show inherited from its mama, the Spanish-language series, “Betty La Fea,” hasn’t only kept the fans guessing, but the cast and production teams, as well. Even the show’s executive producer, Silvio Horta, has waffled publicly over the years on whether Daniel and Betty should end up together in the series finale (airing on Wednesday, April 14 on ABC).

So, what do Zap2it readers think?

Betty and Daniel are made for each other!

Veronica: Detty all the way! Betty deserves to find someone to love in her life finally!

Zoe: I think both Daniel and Betty have grown, and while it would be too rushed to have them totally couple up, I would love a sweet ending showing they will be together in the future.

Lakepainter: I could see the Betty – Daniel possibility from the beginning. Because she is so different from the women he is usually involved with. We just had to give him time to realize that there is more to appreciate in women than just physical beauty.

No way, no how, should Betty and Daniel become a couple!

snowleaves: She’s too smart to end up with him. I hope she goes to London and takes that job and doesn’t end up with Daniel.

hsdppres: I would not like to see Betty end up with Daniel. He is not intelligent or moral enough to end up with her. He is a cad, a clod, a dog, a total womanizer.

Cath: I’ve never been a Betty/Daniel fan either and to be honest, I can’t see them pursuing it in the last episodes, but it was nice to see them dance.

I didn’t see it before, but now “Detty” seems right.

Just_Me: I must admit, before last night I just didn’t get the whole Betty & Daniel becoming a couple thing since neither one of them had ever expressed anything other than friendship for the other, but after last night’s episode I completely get it and will be rooting for the two of them to end up together.

Snot: I love the direction things are headed. Although I have to admit the idea of Daniel and Betty together was weird to me, but I am starting to see the possibility and wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

PrincessAndy: I agree with previous posters who never thought Daniel and Betty should be together. However, while Daniel still has some growing up to do, he is a better man today because of Betty and he appreciates her. If Betty ends up alone and pursuing her career, that would be a fine ending. But I’d also be happy if Daniel and Betty declared their love for each other and rode off into the sunset.

While we shared an equal amount of quotes for each side, Zap2it readers seem in favor of Daniel and Betty hooking up in this week’s finale. What do you think? Vote now!

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