Will "Ugly Betty" get lucky with her new man Matt (Daniel Eric Gold)?

Last episode, Betty didn't even want to label the nascent relationship she had with Matt. But when he stepped up and defied his own mother, siding with Betty and calling her his girlfriend, well, that just sealed it.

Now that Betty has officially embraced their couplehood, she's serious about getting, well, serious.

Check out this clip of Amanda pointing out what's missing from Betty and Matt's relationship:

So now our girl is on a mission to get in Matt's, uh, apartment. Yeah, that's it. Naturally, Marc and Amanda have something to say about Betty's appearance and plan a "sexification" in order to make her more alluring.

The other Suarez sister, Hilda, is also having man issues. She's seeing Councilman Archie (guest star Ralph Macchio) and is unsure of her feelings. Of course, it seems like everybody else has an opinion.

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And remember,"Ugly Betty" is going on Spring Break and will be back May 7.

Looking forward to tonight's episode? Will you miss "Ugly Betty" while it's gone? Do you think Betty is rushing things with Matt? Why does he seem resistant to getting intimate? Are you still gunning for Hilda and Archie?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen