ugly-betty-ashley-jensen-returns-abc-320.jpgWhile fans are mourning the impending end of “Ugly Betty” and America Ferrera, herself, finds it hard to say goodbye, new pictures show that the cast is in good spirits and welcoming some old friends back.

And for us “Betty” fanatics, we just couldn’t stop there. If you want to know more, read on!

Warning: Spoilers!

ABC has confirmed to Zap2it that Ashley Jensen and Freddy Rodriguez are reprising their roles in the Wed. March 31 episode.

ugly betty freddy rodriguez returns abc 250 'Ugly Betty' spoilers: Plot revealing set photos and old friends returnRodriguez played Gio Rossi, who started out as the sandwich guy at Mode who rubbed Betty the wrong way at first. Over time, his attraction to Betty grew and reached a jealous high when she was dating Henry (played by Christopher Gorham). By Season 2’s end, Betty had a marriage proposal from Henry and an invitation from Gio to tour Rome with him.  She decided not to accept either offer. In Season 3, Gio reveals that Betty broke his heart.

Rodriguez recently joined the CBS pilot, “Chaos” about rogue CIA operatives.

CBS will also be lending Jensen to ABC. She currently stars in the network’s comedy, “Accidentally on Purpose.”

On “Ugly Betty,” Jensen played Christina McKinley, Mode’s stylist and Betty’s best friend. Last season, Christina supposedly carried Wilhelmina Slater and Bradford Meade’s baby. We soon find out that she and her recently reunited husband actually conceived the baby before Willie’s plan went into effect. Christina and her husband took the baby and relocated back home to Scotland.

New pictures from the set reveal Christina’s joyful return.

Wait for it…

ugly betty ashley jensen returns abc 2 'Ugly Betty' spoilers: Plot revealing set photos and old friends return
Oh, and by the way, check out Betty sans braces.

ugly betty no braces 'Ugly Betty' spoilers: Plot revealing set photos and old friends returnLet’s see. Christina and Gio back. Check. Betty without braces revealed. Check. There was something else…

Oh, you know that rumor about Betty going abroad? Well, our British friends report that other on-set photos reveal black cabs and red phone boxes, which can only mean that these scenes are set in the UK!

“Ugly Betty” fans, while the cancellation news was a downer, isn’t it exciting to see that ABC is pulling out all the stops in these final episodes?

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