ugly betty series finale marc main 'Ugly Betty': There's beauty in goodbyesThere’s no telling what the TV World will be like after “Ugly Betty” says goodbye on its series finale Wednesday, April 14 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

What we do know is what the TV landscape is like with “Betty” in it. Led by a Latina character, it broke barriers for minorities in TV. It stretched our capacity to care for those who are typically marginalized in society (let alone television). The show exposed its audience to gay characters at different moments in their lives and in all shapes, which we daresay helped a lot of scared kids survive as they struggled with their sexuality.

And along the way there was the standard TV stuff, too. Let us not forget that the series was a hit in its first season averaging 11 million viewers each week. It earned several Emmy nominations and an Outstanding Leading Actress win for its unlikely star America Ferrera in 2007. And part of the reason it spanned the four years was due to a hardcore group of fans, which we’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the seasons.

The show may take place in this hyper-color world at a fabulous fashion magazine many of us will never be lucky enough to call our workplace, but Betty is a character most of us can relate to. Betty is anyone who overcame feeling like a square peg in a round world.

So, yes “Ugly Betty” has changed the landscape of TV and while we don’t know what that landscape will look like after the series is gone, there is one thing we do know: We’ll be talking about Betty for years to come.

Zap2it readers say goodbye:

Verna: I love Betty and her family. We’ll miss them all. This show makes me laugh right out loud. It also makes you feel like if Betty can do something, so can I. I will miss this show so much.

Steph: My daughters and I love this show. I tape it faithfully every week and we never miss it. It is/was a great family show, taught my kids tons about how it is more important what is on the inside than on the out – and how it takes only one person to change even the most snotty fashionista. Also showed my kids how sisters (and family) stick together… We are truly going to miss this show.

UhCorey: Everyone on this show has completely grown up more than you could ever imagine. Betty has been everyone’s inspiration… I will truly miss Betty more than I could have imagined.

What will you miss after “Ugly Betty” says goodbye?

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