“Ugly Betty” is all about sex this episode, but as usual pays attention to the warm and fuzzy emotions as well.

Spoilers that have been around the block … a lot

Councilman Archie (Yes, “The Karate Kid’s” Ralph Macchio) is back and dating Hilda, who’s not quite feeling it for him. He’s just so … nice. Just as she’s about to break up with him, his brassy ex Melissa shows up, fawning all over him. Suddenly, it’s like Archie got dosed with Axe and later Hilda gets busy with him in her hairstyling chair. But when he susses out that she was only turned on when it seemed like another woman wanted him, he leaves in a huff. In the end, she says she still wants to try dating the nice guy, and after all, he has a thing for bad girls.

Little sister Betty is also having man issues. No matter what she does — even enlisting the help of Marc and Amanda to learn the art of seduction — Matt is uninterested. In fact, it seems like that’s the thing he wants the least. By the way, Betty trying to be sexy is adorable. “What’s your hurry soldier?”

I’ve been waiting for a chink in Matt’s armor, and here it is: He actually used meaningless, frequent sex as self-destructive behavior. He’s seeing a therapist now though, and is determined only to have sex when he’s really committed and crazy about a girl. Perhaps Betty could be the one? Of course, Betty’s all freaked out by the idea that he may have boinked hundreds of women. Is that girl over there one? In the end though, they handle it maturely and come to a meeting minds, going up to his apartment to check out his new wall color. Excellent.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is having trouble sleeping, dreaming about Connor. She blames the baby keeping up at night, and Marc blames her lack of sex. To fix both, he hires her James, a ripped former model who loves to sing lullabies. But just as Wil breaks down and demands that he remove his pants, he shows he’s not just for looks and hands her a bit of wisdom. She needs closure with Connor in order to focus on her baby.

Finally, Molly decides to do a poetry slam, and Daniel gets all weirded out when he realizes the poem she wants to read is a thinly veiled metaphor for their sex life — in which he’s depicted crying. After being all gruff and taking the red sharpie to her poem (Maggie Gyllenhaal in “Secretary” would have been tingling), he relents and lets her do the poem. It’s a resounding success, and he lets himself be even more vulnerable, performing the degrading song he wrote in high school that caused him untold mortification. Aww!

Random musings and highlights:

 – I loved how even Justin knew what Betty wearing lip gloss meant. Racy!
 – Wilhelmina: “What is it with white people and Taye Diggs?” I’m glad I didn’t say it!
 – Last week I said Hilda and Archie were boring. No, it wasn’t because he was taking things slow and was a nice guy. I just wasn’t feeling the chemistry between them. Still not sure.
 – Daniel and Molly though — yeah, I get their relationship a bit more. Too bad they only decided to show all this while she’s pretty much terminal. Think they’ll try to save her?
 – Melissa was some hands-y chick!

Your thoughts? Are you sad that “Ugly Betty” will be gone till May 7?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen