ugly-betty-america-ferrera-house-for-sale.jpgNow that “Ugly Betty” is wrapping up final shooting on the canceled series, it looks like America Ferrera is giving up her bicoastal lifestyle. While the show has been shooting in New York City since 2008, Ferrera has held on to her West Coast digs… until now.

According to, Ferrera is moving to New York full time for career reasons. So, she’ll be leaving behind her Hollywood Hills home to the next up and coming starlet for a mere $1.5 million. What can a young gal making it in the world get for the hefty sum?

  • At almost 3,500 square feet, the home has three bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. That’s enough room for you and your two catty, but well-meaning coworkers.

  • The master bedroom suite has two walk-in closets for all your bedazzled belts, butterfly embroidered tops and polka dot skirts.

  • A corner fireplace and a large balcony can serve as the perfect romantic spots for your busy dating life – whether it’s the the handsome accountant, the opinionated sandwich guy or possibly your playboy boss? No, we’re kidding about the playboy boss. That’s just gross.

  • An adjacent loft-style office can accommodate your ever-growing career – perfect for all-night projects or simply keeping up your personal blog.

  • The property has a swimming pool and mountain, canyon and city views suitable for the gal who likes to dream big and visualizes herself conquering the world.

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