michael urie getty 'Ugly Betty's' Michael Urie makes video for gay youth in response to suicidesIn a response to the heartbreaking suicides of several homosexual teenagers, “Ugly Betty” star Michael Urie reminds kids that “it will get better” in a new video.

13-year-olds Asher Brown and Seth Walsh, 15-year-old Billy Lucas, and Rutgers University Student Tyler Clementi sadly all committed suicide this week. All four boys were tormented and humiliated by their peers for being gay. The tragic deaths have prompted a call to action in the LGBTQ community.

]]>a campaign started by equality activist Dan Savage. “Bullies aren’t bullies forever,” says Urie, “and these hard times will eventually go away and be replaced by great times.” The actor, who now resides in New York, even shares some of his own story. “I was very lucky. I’m from Texas. I had a lot of support growing up,” he says. “I was never made to feel like who I was was not okay. I had places to turn. I know that’s not true for everybody. If you feel like there’s no one to talk to, keep looking.” In addition to Urie, Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes has also made a video. We expect more celebs will follow suit shortly. Follow Zap2it and @cadlymack on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo: Getty

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie