MadonnaUh-oh. Is Madonna having a major meltdown?

According to the Sun, the Material Girl has fired two dancers and her tour manager is threatening to walk out due to her mood swings.

Who can blame her?

As well as all this Alex Rodriguez mess, her brother’s tell-all book, she’s in cabala marriage counseling with Guy Ritchie, her health is suffering from her grueling and intense workouts, and she has a knee injury.

The Sun reports that Madge has had a doctor, physiotherapist and a chiropractor on duty during rehearsals and this week they ordered her to take it easy with the punishing dance routines.

A Madonna source told the paper:  “Madonna is doing less than OK. She has been rehearsing for the tour and she is totally miserable. She’s down physically and mentally.

"The situation with Guy is very, very tense. The way the press are going crazy with the A-Rod story, her brother’s book and her physical exhaustion are all taking their toll."

Personally, I would not want to be around when Madonna officially explodes.

Photo: Madonna must not be feeling well. She’s wearing pink.
Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead