Forget about those silly romantic comedies and niggling cosmetic endorsement deals.

Uma Thurman finally landed herself a reallyreallyreally rich dude!

Ellemcpherson_arpadbussonShe’s just confirmed her engagement to Swiss multi-millionaire Arpad "Arki" Busson, who fathered two children with another Amazonian proportioned goddess, supermodel Elle McPherson.

Uma was previously married to actors Gary Oldham and Ethan Hawke. And for three years it looked as if she might snag handsome, wordly hotelier-entrepreneur Andre Balazs.

But when that didn’t come to pass, she set her sights on another Euro high roller.

Sounds mildly akin to Ellen Barkin, who married billionaire Ron Perelman after divorcing actor Gabriel Byrne. She and Ron had a bitter divorce, but, hey, she got a few mil and some jewelry out of the deal.

Anyway, enough history.

To see how Arpad’s past two babes compare, click HERE.

Photos: Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson are engaged! Below, Arpad with Elle McPherson, whom he never married. Wow. Does Uma have something Elle didn’t?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead