Tonight’s cuppa: It’s too warm tonight for a hot cuppa, so I have a cuppa cold grapes.

The Republican National Convention winds down tonight, as Sen. John McCain accepts the nomination of his party for president. Few describe the "maverick" politico as cute or cuddly — except his family, of course — and those are adjectives also generally avoided when describing the subject of tonight’s season-premiere liveblog, "House."

Dr. Gregory House is cranky, irascible and misanthropic. If you’re sick, he may not cheer you up, but he just may save your life. But not everyone survives, and the fallout from that fact is at the heart of "Dying Changes Everything," airing Tuesday, Sept. 16, on Fox.

WARNING: If you’re super-mega-clever or just a very good guesser, this could
possibly be considered spoiler-ish. So, if you fancy yourself either of
the above, run, do not walk, in the opposite direction.

Big ant! Whap! Not so big ant. Wow, she looks kinda like Marg Helgenberger. More ants! Way more ants. Ants-o-rama! Ant Girl shocks the boardroom. Not-Marg is not impressed.

Seven hits! Good one, House. Hmmm, all is not well in the House/Wilson bromance. House says Ant Girl is nuts — or hot. Cuddy says to make with the nice with Wilson instead. House would rather do that life-saving thing he does.

Ant Girl gets around. "Why is everyone leaping to conclude a strong career woman’s been made sick by her strong career?" Transference much, Thirteen? (not to mention a bad case of passive-voice syndrome) House says, yes — then he says a whole lot more.

Thirteen deflects. Ant Girl can’t stay off the phone. Thirteen is not impressed. Uh-oh…really uh-oh.

House makes with the nice, in a mean way. Wilson has other plans. House nails the diagnosis. Wilson throws down. Thirteen interrupts. House and Wilson discuss books. Wilson recommends House read more.

Oh, Thirteen, the patients are always dying. How could that be more important than the bromance? Well, that wasn’t informative — but Kutner sure is. Cigars for all!

Needs were met. No explanation needed. Oops, the bunny had a near-death experience.

Back to the bromance. Insensitivity surprises you, Wilson? Everyone interrupts. House knows more than the bunny.

The bunny has a relapse, but not in the usual hutch.

Thirteen transfers some more. House signs the transfer notice and tells her to change buses again if she can’t deal.

Ant Girl, not big with the angst.Nup_130793_0140_2

From bromance to an old fauxmance — Cameron lays it all out.

Uh-oh, maybe some angst would have been a good idea. Chase gets it under control.

Cuddy puts it all on House, who keeps wiggling out from under. Cuddy recommends lying.

Oh, dear. That doesn’t look good.

It vibrates! Heh, it’s a phone, silly.

House ditches lying for blackmail. Awww, what House said would have been nice if it didn’t mean Ant Girl might die.

Thirteen wants to go it alone. Unified theories are for optimistic physicists. Thirteen forges on.

Cuddy has her arms crossed. House better watch out. Bromance means never having to say you’re sorry. Doors aren’t soundproof, House!

Ant Girl may be sick, but she’s far from stupid. Thirteen transfers once again — and lies like a rug. Whoops, spoke too soon.

Cuddy takes it to the next level. House may miss his "stories." Cuddy mediates the bromance.

The team watches something that is definitely not House’s "stories." Chase!

Dr. Cuddy does Dr. Phil. House and Wilson do the Bickersons. Cuddy goes for the heart, but Wilson punts. And he’s so not wrong.

Chase objects to the three-peat. Boy, the word "idiot" is getting a lot of mileage put on it tonight. Kutner wants to drink Ant Girl’s — and House’s — milkshake.

Oh, poor Ant Girl. Thirteen pulls the feminist card. Ant Girl reminds her that aspirations don’t always translate into reality.

Ant Girl’s got guts, I’ll give her that. Oh, no, look away, Ant Girl!

Cameron gives Wilson the straight talk about the difference between moving on and running away.

Another thing that ends with -osis. Jacobson knows when he’s outmatched.

Somebody’s been packing. Foreman goes for the hail-Wilson play.

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Foreman gives Wilson the straight talk about the difference between pleasing everyone and pleasing yourself.

Ant Girl perks up. Thirteen opens up. Ant Girl may become Bird Girl, thanks to Thirteen.

Again with the idiot. House has an idea.

House doesn’t take no for an answer, but he has a completely different answer. Back to square one.

So, the younger you look, the worse it is? That sucks.

Bird Girl molts.

This idiot thing could become a drinking game.

House and Thirteen have a moment.

House and Wilson have a moment.

Sometimes a moment isn’t enough.

Empty shelves, full box, open door.

Well, Cuppers, we’ve come to the end of "Un-Convention-al" — at least for the next four years. Now it’s your turn to vote. Do you like the liveblogs? Do you hate the liveblogs? Do you not have the slightest idea what I’m talking about in the liveblogs? Should they continue, or should they be voted down?

As HCTV is not a democracy, I can’t promise I’ll abide by your decision, but my ears are open. I may not take orders, but I always take suggestions…

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