This afternoon’s cuppa: Broadwing blend shade grown coffee, certified organic, roasted and blended for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (in future, because this is a lot of typing, I’ll just call it Broadwing Blend, because bird coffee sounds weird)

As I thought, there is not much real news coming out of the Democratic National Convention in Denver — and there’s only so much gasbaggery one can take, either from TV pundits or pols at the podium — so I’ve been spending my time catching up on the DVR backlog from the Olympics. Last night, I began to segue into new episodes of this season’s network shows.

And yes, I’ll share.

WARNING: If you’re super-mega-clever or just a very good guesser, this could
possibly be considered spoiler-ish. So, if you fancy yourself either of
the above, run, do not walk, in the opposite direction.

First up, hour one of the season premiere of "Heroes," due out Sept. 22 on NBC. Although the show is up to episode 10 in production, hour two is not yet finished (I know that because I watched scenes for it being shot last week).

I did one viewing of the show before doing my set visit and interviews, but last night, I sat down and gave it a closer look. Here are some random thoughts and impressions:

It looks cool, super cool. I mean, really cool. This show keeps raising the visual bar.

Run "Peter," run!

Nathan, duck! Oh, well.

Best performance from Hayden Panettiere in a while. The girl can emote when she wants to — and I think I like her as a brunette as well.


Mama Petrelli scares me worse than Sylar. And she knows stuff.

Kaito Nakamura! Nice to see ya. And don’t you know that if you tell Hiro not to do something, that means he’ll do it posthaste?

Wha??? What was that, a light saber? What is that? Godzilla? Oh, no, there goes Tokyo!

Why is the future always scary? Why is it never full of pretty flowers and puppies?

Nice ball-handling skills, HRG.

Matt, look out for the big snake in the forced perspective in the foreground! Oh, right, means it’s about a mile away. Never mind, just keep trudging through the amber waves.

Dark-eyed girl, stop mad scientist Suresh!

Suresh by the sea. Really, what would TV do without shots down on the docks? How often do people go down to the docks in real life? (Unless they’re boaters or ship captains … or dockworkers, of course.) Not so often, I bet. But TV, all about the docks.

Hey, wait, where’s Elle? Oh, right, hour two…

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