brett cullen mike vogel under the dome 'Under the Dome': Barbie is 'Awakening' to his father's connection to the DomeWe’re back to another pointless crisis of the week on “Under the Dome,” which is too bad, since the other stuff happening in the episode is infinitely more interesting.

Crisis of the Week

Big Jim thinks someone in town is harassing him, by destroying the windmill and burning a car they bought from his lot. Considering how hated he is, it really could be any number of dozens of people, but it’s actually DJ Philly Phil. He’s mad at Jim for acting like the puppetmaster and Big Jim locks him up, because there’s a new sheriff in town. It’s entirely pointless.

The Dome

But what does have some sort of point this week is Barbie and Sam/Pauline doing some investigating (separately). Sam and Pauline snap Lyle out of his fugue state and they all realize the last postcard Pauline drew (which chronologically tell the story of the events of the Dome) is the red trap door we saw in the woods last week, so they need to find it.

Meanwhile, Barbie gets his dad to drop the WiFi-blocking signal long enough for Barbie to send Julia an email — but his dad edits the email before it gets sent, adding that when Julia leaps off the cliff to Zenith, she should bring the egg. Just what does Don Barbara want with the egg? We do not know.

But we do know the military has the Dome locked up tight from outsiders. Barbie manages to rendezvous with Julia long enough to tell her it’s not safe on the outside, but not much else before he is hauled away by the military police. Big Jim sees this all go down and sports one of his patented menacing glares.

So, are Don Barbara and Aktaion Energy the ones behind the dome? It’s looking that way.

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