under the dome blue on blue 'Under the Dome': 'Blue on Blue' has the town going nuclear over a missileOn the latest “Under the Dome,” Chester’s Mill has a seemingly fun visitor’s day at the dome — until they figure out it’s because the outside world is expecting them not to be there anymore after a missile launch.

Big Jim, Julia and Barbie

During the visitor’s time, Barbie figures out the military is clearing out for a reason and gets an officer to spill the beans about the military trying a MOAB (mother of all bombs, the biggest non-nuclear bomb they have) on eliminating the dome.

Naturally, it doesn’t work, because what kind of show would we have if it did? But along the way, Julia gets what seems like a “Dear John” letter from Peter courtesy of his sister, Barbie turns out to really be the muscle for a bookie (we thought that was a ploy) and Big Jim finally decides to let Angie go, then kills Rev. Coggins in a rather gruesome way to keep him from running his mouth about the meth.

The Youngsters

In subplot news, Norrie’s bio dad shows up at the dome, whom she had no idea about (she thought he was an anonymous sperm donor). It completely freaks her out and she runs off, with only Joe to comfort her. They share some end-of-the-world smoochies, but realize once the missile destroy the dome (and everyone inside) that they touched and didn’t have a seizure this time. Romantic progress!

Junior, meanwhile, is a full-on deputy and his dad authorizes him to recruit more of his friends as deputies, even name-dropping Carter Thibodeau, the jerk from the generator party at Joe’s house. If you’ve read the book, you all know how this will turn out. We just hope no women get raped or dogs get shot on the TV show.

And when Angie escapes and runs home, Junior finds her and she comforts him in what she thinks are their last moments on earth. It’s creepy and Stockholm Syndrome-y, but what else was she going to do if they were about to be annihilated?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It’s interesting that it’s China and not North Korea that threatens to attack us after the dome comes down.
  • The montage of everyone preparing for their final moments actually had us tearing up a bit, especially Deputy Linda going to the spot where she and her husband carved their initials. Also Dodee and Phil dancing.
  • Line of the night: “I’m excited to meet your folks. Can’t wait to tell ’em you’re shacking up with an underage girl and two lesbians.”

So, has Big Jim turned evil once and for all? Or will the show continue to make him a morally ambiguous character? We can’t wait to find out.

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