dale barbara under the dome 'Under the Dome': It's a Barbie world“Under the Dome” just took a sharp left turn, going significantly darker than we’ve seen so far — and we have to say, we like it. It makes us wish the show had gone this off-the-rails from the start, though we do understand why it did not. But let’s get to it.

Big Jim is brought in for questioning for Linda in re: the propane and the drugs and he decides it’s time to start turning the long arm of the law towards Dale “Barbie” Barbara. So with the help of some mighty big coincidences, Big Jim manages to make it look as though Barbie has murdered Maxine, Max’s mom, Max’s henchman and attempted to murder himself and Julia Shumway (Big Jim gets an assist from noted gambler Phil Bushey).

When the episodes ends, Big Jim is declaring a state of emergency as Barbie is on the run as a fugitive. The only person who can possibly correct Big Jim’s statements is Julia, who is currently unconscious in the hospital after being shot by Maxine.

Meanwhile, the Bobsey twins anger the dome when Junior decides he doesn’t want to be a part of the Pink Stars Club anymore and takes his hand and goes home. A crazy storm is a-brewin’, til Angie finally agrees that she needs Junior (because he’s her density) and all is right with world.

That is, until the kiddos go to the point on the dome where four random stars appeared that Joe thinks represent the four of them. When they touch the dome, it shows them an apparition of Big Jim who is stabbed twice in the torso and suddenly they are all holding bloody knives. Junior, understandably, freaks out and runs off.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The majority of the “Under the Dome” book is about Big Jim “wanting a kingdom” and slowly but surely wresting control of the town away from anyone who might get in his way. Chiefly standing in his way are Julia and Barbie, so now the show has finally gone down the dark and twisted path we were expecting. Thumbs up.
  • Maxine being all “Fatal Attraction” on Barbie/Julia is a little much, but it conveniently gets Julia out of the way for a while and also frames Barbie for shooting someone who the town presumably cares about more than Maxine and her henchman.
  • So, did the Dome (capital D for sentient being) show the future to the Bobsey twins? You might think so, but the show would be awfully boring without Big Jim Rennie, so we’d have to think if it did, that’s a long time coming.
  • It’s interesting that Dodee heard the military guys chattering about Barbie. We’ve been wondering if that would come back into play.

What did you think of “Speak of the Devil”?

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