junior rennie under the dome 'Under the Dome': Junior Rennie joins the Chester's Mill police departmentOn the latest “Under the Dome,” there is an outbreak of meningitis, forcing a couple people into new leadership roles and some truths to be outed.

Big Jim and Barbie

The town is in crisis with the meningitis outbreak and not enough antibiotics to go around, so our intrepid heroes check out the pharmacy — which has been ransacked by Rev. Coggins, who is burning all the drugs. He no longer wants any part in the town drug business (he later tells Big Jim), but for now, Big Jim and Barbie just take his meds to treat the town.

At the hospital, Junior is left in charge of keeping everyone there (in his father’s absence) because of how contagious they all are. When a riot threatens to break out, he gives a rah-rah speech about how great the town is, but in a surprising move, puts the gun down and lets the people decide for themselves. Score one for Junior ….

Who is still firmly in the minus column, since he is now bringing formal wear for his captive, Angie. She manages to burst a water pipe in her efforts to escape and is watching the water rise when Big Jim finds her in the final frames.

Julia Shumway

Our intrepid reporter is on the case regarding her husband, tracing Barbie’s map to Peter’s car at Phil Bushey’s house. Turns out Peter sold it to Phil and was inquiring about hit men (Julia doesn’t know that last part). She finds the cabin where Peter died and learns he drained their accounts, then Barbie spins her a tale of Peter’s gambling debts, which we don’t buy for a second. Barbie is an enforcer for a bookie? Nope, try again. He also says that Peter must have hightailed it out of town before the dome fell, because of siad gambling debts.

Julia is also not buying Barbie’s story and methinks he’ll be looking for a new place to live.

The Town

There are no town doctors (one is outside the dome, one is dead, one is Peter Shumway (who is also dead)), so Alice Calvert is pressed into action. Meanwhile, her daughter Norrie is busy investigating her seizure with Joe McAlister (not a euphemism) and her partner, Carolyn, is busy stealing Alice some insulin from the hospital because she’s convinced the dome is not going away. Alice makes her put it back, so we assume that’ll come back into play at some point.

Also, the seizures are back, when Joe and Norrie touch each other. So, you could say they have a real spark.

And finally, in the wake of his rah-rah speech during the meningitis outbreak, Linda Esquival deputizes Junior Rennie. She loves his heart, you see. Watch your back, Linda, or you’ll end up in the bunker o’ love with Angie.

Thoughts & Tidbits

We’re really enjoying watching the show veer away from the book in some big ways. Whereas in the book, Big Jim more or less forces untrained deputies on the police department in the form of his son and his son’s meathead, rapist friends, on the show it’s Linda who starts down that path.

We’re also wondering if the show is every going to introduce Colonel Cox, the contact Barbie has outside the dome. It’s not looking like they are, but that could be a character they are holding back.

What did you think of “Outbreak”?

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