Mike Vogel‘s Dale “Barbie” Barbara has not had an easy time “Under The Dome” in Chester’s Mill, and halfway through the show’s Season 1 it seems his lies are finally beginning to unravel. When Zap2it spoke with Vogel at San Diego Comic-Con before the “Under The Dome” panel, the actor said that his character will soon be cornered by his own “cat-and-mouse game.”

“Barbie thinks he has his way out, because he only has to cop to a certain amount of the story, and as we’ll see in later episodes he eventually runs out of wiggle room,” he says. “So you know, he kind of walks that line as much as he can, but he runs out of room eventually.”

The audience’s first glimpse of Barbie is him burying a corpse out in the woods, and though he quickly grows more likable, that specter follows him around in more ways than one. “That’s the Stephen King thing here, is that, you know, he likes writing character where it’s not always what meets the eye,” Vogel says. “You’ll see [Dean Norris‘s character] Big Jim, right, and you’ll think, ‘Great guy, cares about the town, you know, a politician through and through, just wants to help these people.’ And I think as time will reveal, not necessarily the case.”

Spoilers for “Under The Dome” Season 1.
Through some twists of luck Barbie finds himself becoming ever closer with the widow of the man he killed. She doesn’t even know her husband is dead, and fans are wondering just when she’ll find out. “With his military background and everything he’s constantly thinking several steps ahead,” Vogel says. “So he’s reading her, he’s reading how much she knows, what she’s been told, and so he’s found out ‘OK, I can tell this much and go this far and still be safe.’ And for a second there he thinks, ‘There. That’s sorted, you know, I’ve got my alibi.’ And we’ll see what happens from there.” End spoilers.

If Barbie’s such a snake, why’s he been so helpful throughout the show’s first five episodes? “I think his hand was forced,” Vogel says. “He’s a guy that would gladly survive in the woods, by himself, away from everyone. But the protector in him and the circumstances kept kind of putting him into these scenarios that he couldn’t get out of, and before he knew it he was kind of woven into what was happening.”

“Had that dome not come down, he was gone,” he adds.

Vogel also had a role on Season 1 of “Bates Motel” as Deputy Zack Shelby, but in order not to spoil too much let’s just say he’s no longer on the show. He’s far from bitter, though. “It was a great,” he says. “I’m so happy to see that they’ve had the success that they’ve had. Vera [Farmiga]’s unreal. The rest of the cast — Freddie [Highmore], Max [Thieriot], Nestor [Carbonell] — they’re fantastic, and I was honored to take a turn on it. The writing on that show is so top notch. And yeah, I was honored to be a part of it.”

“Under The Dome” airs Mondays on CBS at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Mike Rougeau