under the dome premiere angie 'Under the Dome' premiere is not afraid to go to the dark placesCBS has released the premiere episode of “Under the Dome” to the press, so if you’d like a sneak peek (with some minor spoilers), keep reading. If you haven’t read the book and want to remain spoiler-free, stop reading. You’ve been warned.

A big thing we’ve been worried about with CBS’ adaptation of “Under the Dome” is that it wouldn’t capture how dark Stephen King’s novel on which it is based becomes at times. The project originally was slated to be released on Showtime, which would have afforded the creators a lot of leeway in terms of content.

Now with the show coming to a broadcast network, we were dubious about whether the show could really delve into the dark recesses of King’s mind, so to speak.

But the premiere episode has greatly alleviated many of our worries in that department. While there is certain content in the book that probably won’t make it to air (Junior Rennie’s … proclivities come to mind), the premiere episode dives right into several dark paths, including a new twist on the Julia Shumway-Dale Barbara relationship that has us intrigued.

Speaking of new twists, the show creators have definitely played around with the novel’s characters, in terms of how they fit into the world of the Chester’s Mill. We’ve only seen the one episode, but so far we’re enjoying the changes insofar as they provide fresh content for us book fans. It may have become pretty boring if the show stuck strictly to the stories and relationships that we are expecting having read the book.

The only book storyline we were actually hoping the show would change involves Sheriff Duke Perkins and that mainly stems from how much we like actor Jeff Fahey (“Lost’s” Frank Lapidus). Alas, that does not appear to be the case.

Speaking of actors, another thing we were worried about was Dean Norris as Big Jim Rennie. Not because Norris isn’t a great actor, because he is. We adore him on “Breaking Bad.” But on “Breaking Bad,” we also love his character and we weren’t sure about putting him in the boots of the insidious Big Jim.

Rest assured, fans. The show could not have found a better Big Jim (no offense to Norris, we mean that as a compliment). He is terrifically menacing in a very quiet way and we relish the idea of watching how he progresses over the course of the season.

Overall, the premiere episode did not disappoint and we are definitely hooked in for the summer. We hope you’re getting excited, because “Under the Dome” fans will surely enjoy this adaptation.

“Under the Dome” premieres Monday, June 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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