under the dome comic con panel 'Under the Dome' Season 2 at Comic Con 2014: Barbie's past, Angie's death and more Zap2it got to take a look “Under the Dome” at Comic-Con 2014 during the CBS drama’s panel on Thursday (July 24).

First up, the audience got to watch sneak peek clips from the upcoming episode 7. The first clip featured Big Jim proving that he hasn’t gone soft despite what some fans might be thinking. Watch out for Big Jim in the coming episodes flexing his villain muscles.

The next clip sent the crowd into a frenzy, and it featured Barbie exploring the caves. The closer he rappelled down into the darkness, the more it pulled it down, and to save Julia from being pulled down with him, he shouts “I love you!” and cut the rope, sacrificing himself. Is Barbie going to die?

While the cast wouldn’t confirm yes or no, they did reveal quite a bit about what’s coming up on the CBS drama.

Who killed Angie?

Alexander Koch, who plays Junior, says we may not have seen the last of her. “You never know when someone’s going to go, and you never know when … you know, someone comes back around again,” Koch says mysteriously. “We will find out who the killer is. It’s been hinted at. More conflict and fighting and attacking each other is coming in the next few episodes. Revenge might be taken.”

Executive producer Neal Baer agrees, adding that we will learn what Angie saw in the locker before she died. “Absolutely,” Baer says. “We will find out what’s in that locker this year.”

Outside the dome

Baer teased that someone will find themselves free of the dome this season. “One of our characters — guess who! — might get out of the dome this season. Literally,” Baer says.

Barbie’s past

Barbie has been quite the mysterious character for the entire series so far, but expect that mystery to be unraveled soon. 

“We’ll see more of what makes Barbie tick,” Mike Vogel, who plays Barbie, says. “He may have some violent tendencies but he defends the defenseless. We will come face to face with Barbie’s father, and we might find out that he was actually a trust fund baby. We’ll find out why he is the way he is and why he chose to go into the military. We’ll find out some other familial secrets as well that I think are going to surprise some people.”

Continued consequences of Angie’s death

Angie’s death will have long-lasting ramifications on more than one character, most of all her younger brother Joe. “In Season 2 alone after he finds out that Angie is gone, he’s angry,” Colin Ford, Joe’s portrayer, says. “He wants to find out who did it. The whole season he’ll undergo this transition from being a young man to being an adult. Barbie is a great role model for him.”

Junior will also continue to be haunted by Angie’s death, largely in part since he blames himself for what happened. “More misfortune and bad stuff will happen to Junior,” Koch says. “He keeps getting the s*** end of the stick. More painful stuff is headed his way.”

Joe’s girl problems

Will Joe leave Norrie for Melanie? Ford warns not to get your hopes up. “Norrie is Joe’s first love, and I don’t think you can ever really run away from your first love,” Ford says. “So, no.”

More death is coming

Baer warns that the death count will continue to rise as Season 2 continues. “No one is safe under the dome,” Baer says ominously.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum