under the dome season 2 premiere angie junior stephen king 'Under the Dome' Season 2 premiere: Death comes to the dome (again)“Under the Dome” is back, so we can all settle in for everyone’s favorite summer drama that combines interesting sci-fi with ridiculous plot twists. Let’s get right to it …

The Good

Here’s what we loved about the premiere: Junior’s mom Pauline is alive (what?!), Eddie Cahill is a handsome devil, there’s an interesting new girl wandering around and they killed off Angie (so it seems).

First off, Junior’s mom. What an amazing reveal at the end. The flashback was interesting enough, but we can’t wait to find out what happened to her — did she run away and somehow the suicide was staged? Did the Dome bring her back, only outside of it? What does she know? Does her brother Sam know anything?

Who is this Melanie character and where has she been hiding out the whole time? Sam we can buy, he lives in a cabin like a hermit. But what’s her story? Do you think she’s dead? Could that be a thing that’s happening? Maybe that’s why she went to Linda’s body at the end of the episode.

Speaking of dead, RIP Angie. We can’t say we’re going to miss her very much, no offense to the actress. Britt Robertson is great. But the character is kind of annoying, plus now we have a mystery on our hands. Who do you think whacked her? Was it Big Jim? Junior? If it was Junior, that’s in keeping with the book, albeit in a different manner than how it happened in print. Or is it someone else entirely? I don’t think it was Melanie. But either way, did you not jump about a foot when Angie got killed? Scared the pants off me.

The Bad

Jury’s still out on Miss Pine, the science teacher. I love how she’s been “studying” the dome this entire time — where? From the high school, just holed up and not making any appearances at any town functions? *snort* But what I do like is the “(Wo)Man of Science, (Wo)Man of Faith” thing they’ve set up between Julia and Rebecca, with Barbie firmly stuck in the middle.

The Ugly Ridiculous

Not only is it too bad that Deputy Linda got killed, but her death was one of the Top 5 most ridiculous things that has happened on this show, right above the just-out-for-a-drive furniture store truck that demolished the water tower and right below the underground fight club and black market that sprung up in the cement factory seemingly overnight. Linda is a cop who looks to be in decent shape, could she not just jump out of the way? She just stood there as the truck barreled down on her and then got smushed like a bug. Lame.

What was also lame was the whole Barbie-Big Jim this episode. Nobody thought for one second that either one of them was going to die because then the main antagonistic relationship is gone. So that entire storyline at the gallows was just dumb. Can we please get back to the Dome and its mysteries and stop with the puffed-up peacock macho crap? Neither one of them is going to die (at least not until the end of the show). I’m not saying this because I know anything, I’m saying this because I’ve watched TV before.

Finally, it was fabulously convenient that the magnetic waves knocked out so many people who are not main characters on the show. You know what would have been kind of amazing? If it had knocked out all the main characters and like 10 people we have never seen before solved the magnetic problem and then just faded into the background once the main characters were awake. This show’s Nikki and Paolo episode.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Love the Sherry Stringfield casting as Junior’s mom, hope we see lots more of her.
  • I also love Dodee and then Linda’s ghosts (or somethings) appearing to Big Jim. That harkens back to Junior’s storyline in the book, though (as I said with Angie) in a different way, but it’s a nice touch.
  • Best line: “Shut up and be dead! I’m busy.” — Big Jim

What did you think of the “Under the Dome” Season 2 premiere?

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