the endless thirst under the dome 'Under the Dome' 'The Endless Thirst': A town in panic, but the dome cares“The Endless Thirst” was by far the strongest episode of “Under the Dome” yet, though it wasn’t entirely perfect. But it introduced two very important themes for the show moving forward.

First, in the wake of the missile being unsuccessful at bringing the dome down, the entire situation is suddenly much graver to the residents of Chester’s Mill, which introduces the terrifying panic and mob mentality that naturally would erupt in a situation like this.

Supplies are not endless and when store owners want to ration (and barter, because what good is money now?), it creates a panic and then a riot and looting. It’s a very frightening scene because it’s all too real.

It appears as though Rose is the only casualty of said riot, courtesy of Clint and Waylon Dundee, two stellar members of the community who are thieves, murderers and would-be rapists. Can’t wait to see more of them. And we seriously doubt the town panicking about their situation is over and done with.

The other interesting theme this episode presents is the idea that the dome has a mind of its own. As Julia says, it protects them from the missle, it provides rain when they’re thirsty. We’re curious how viewers who have not read the book feel about this turn of events.

We like it. It’s got the whole “Lost” island feel going on and opens up lots of interesting ideas about the origin of the dome. We already knew it was going to veer away from the book’s explanation and we actually prefer this to the book ending, even if we don’t know exactly what the show explanation is yet.

As for the flaws of the episode, well, the rain starting was a little cheesy. It’s fine that the dome is a “micro-climate,” as Dodee calls it, but the moment it happened was a little cliched. We’re also not really read for Julia and Barbie to be hooking up. We get it — intense circumstances, husband appears to be a philandering creep, etc. etc. But it still feels awfully quick.

Of course, the previews make it look as though Joe and Norrie find Peter Shumway’s body next week, so Barbie and Julia have to be romantically involved so there’s maximum impact when Peter turns up dead and Julia inevitably discovers that Barbie killed him.

In other news, the hospital is out of pretty much everything, which is not going to be so great for the 24 diabetics in town (among other people, one would imagine). Alice Calvert is already feeling the strain, with only one dose of insulin left and that’s only because Norrie stole it from a kid.

Finally, Angie is taken in by Big Jim Rennie after her attack during the riot and he offers her a deal — protection for her and her brother, anything they want or need, in exchange for not telling the town what Junior did. We are left wondering what she’ll do when Junior arrives home.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Obviously, the watertower break was designed to kick off the whole supplies-are-low storyline, but seriously — where was that appliance truck even going?
  • Barbie obviously had some kind of blackout moment when he was going to suffocate that thief during the looting. We wonder if his PTSD will be from the same incident as in the book?
  • Dean Norris continues to own this show. He’s at once menacing, brave, strong and caring. You can see how much he loved Rose and it also seems like he wants to protect Junior, and not just in the way of protecting his reputation should the town find out about Angie. Anyway, he’s doing a terrific job.
  • Speaking of Rose, we’re sad to see her go. She was a great book character and we were hoping to continue to see more of her on the show, especially because we like actress Beth Broderick.

What did you think of “The Endless Thirst”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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