under the dome imperfect circles 'Under the Dome': The imperfect circle of lifeMonday night’s (Aug. 5) “Under the Dome” has launched the third logical step that comes with a town being trapped under a giant, impenetrable dome. First, it was “this is weird, what’s going on?” and then it was “let’s freak out and riot” and now it’s “where did this come from and how do we get rid of it?”

We don’t yet know how to get rid of the dome, but “Imperfect Circles” seems to have introduced the idea that the dome is perhaps a giant protective bubble for an egg of some sort. It’s almost an incubator inside of an incubator. At this point, it’s anybody’s guess where exactly the egg came from and what exactly it is, but we’re thinking aliens. Anybody else?

Either way, this episode marks the halfway point of the season. And it continued last week’s theme of the dome as sentient being, as it made important loved ones appear to people who touched the dome — first for pregnant Harriet and then for Norrie when her mother’s health goes sharply downhill.

(Just a by the way — we hope that doesn’t mean Harriet’s husband was just killed outside the dome.)

Norrie’s mother, Alice, appears to her in the woods when she and Joe find the egg incubator at the center of the larger dome, and she runs back to Joe’s farmhouse just in time for a heartbreaking death scene for Alice. The insulin has run out and Alice over-exerts herself in helping to deliver Harriet’s baby and she dies after having had a heart attack.

We don’t know the medical science behind all that Alice had going on, but it doesn’t make her death scene any less sad for Norrie and her wife, Carolyn. It’s very sweet that Harriet named her daughter Alice, though, and we’re curious if the show revisits that the dome seemingly jump-started Harriet’s labor.

In other news, Big Jim gets drunk and blows up a bunch of propane, because he doesn’t like that Ollie Dinsmore has taken over control of it. And Angie makes a new friend in Benny Drake, as he helps her bury Rose and clean up the SweetBriar diner.

You could do worse than Benny, Angie.

Speaking of Angie, her psycho stalker Junior is jumping in with both feet as a new deputy, helping Sheriff Linda track down the murdering would-be-rapist Dundee brothers and killing them — though Linda shoots in self-defense and Junior shoots in cold blood.

On the one hand, that’s bad and that’s also a vigilante slippery slope that we don’t want to go down, but on the other hand, the Dundee brother shot in cold blood stood by while his brother murdered Rose and then stood look-out while his brother was going to rape Angie, so. Not a big loss.

And it nicely sets up Junior’s continued downward spiral, now that he’s homeless and without his “love” Angie.

What did you think of “Imperfect Circles”?

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