under the dome thicker than water 'Under the Dome': The monarch will be crownedOn the latest episode of “Under the Dome,” there’s a shoot-out over Ollie Dinsmore’s well and Julia keeps investigating the cause of the dome, thanks to Joe and Norrie’s discovery.

The Dome

Joe mentions the “egg” to Julia and she demands to be taken there, like the intrepid reporter she is. When they arrive, the egg is glowing pink (it seemed to “come alive” when Joe was drawing a picture of it) and when Julia touches the dome, she sees another Joe, who says, “The monarch will be crowned.”

What does that mean? Well, the show is diverging wildly from the book at this point, so honestly, it’s anybody’s guess. Who do you think the monarch is? Big Jim? Joe? Angie? Somebody else entirely?

The Town

There’s not a lot of food left, so the only course of action is to grow crops, but Ollie’s monopoly on the well — and his band of farmer thugs — is problematic. Barbie wants to blow up the well (so as to divert the water to the other wells it’s been siphoning from), while Big Jim wants to have a good old-fashioned armed raid.

In the ensuing firefight, Ollie’s side loses three, Big Jim’s side loses two and Phil Bushey gets shot, but we’ll assume he’s going to be fine.

But Barbie is on to Big Jim. He knows Big Jim didn’t want the well destroyed, he wanted to control the well and by extension, the town. So, a line in the sand is starting to be drawn between these two.

In Big Jim’s personal life, Junior gets kicked out of the house and temporarily joins Ollie’s side of things, but he and Big Jim sort of reconcile over the story of Junior’s mother’s suicide. She was in a “car accident” and Big Jim and Duke Perkins covered up her suicide so that Junior never had to know his mother chose to leave him.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • So, the butterfly tattoo on Angie is not a monarch, but it was shown during Julia’s recounting of the phrase she heard Bizarro Joe say. What’s that about? And did anybody else think Angie’s gaze at Joe and Norrie was kind of creepy in the final frames?
  • It’s interesting that Big Jim says to Junior, “That doesn’t qualify you to be their judge and executioner,” since in the book, that’s exactly what Big Jim thinks the newly-deputized lawmen should be doing.
  • It’s also interesting to watch Big Jim and Junior be so separated, since in the book they are definitely partners in crime. Is the show on its way there?
  • And once again, Dean Norris is MVP for the week. Last week, we thought it went to the Norrie/Carolyn/Alice trio of Mackenzie Lintz, Aisha Hinds and Samantha Mathis during Alice’s death scene, but this week it’s right back to Norris. He’s scary one minute, completely heartbreaking the next. Kudos.
  • RIP Ollie Dinsmore. We hardly knew ye, but you seemed like one mean SOB.

What did you think of “Thicker Than Water”?

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